Buffalo woman quarrels with McDonalds employees over having her 15 minutes waiting in drive-thru

In just a couple of hours a clip shared by a TikTok user, who lost his temper before some employees of a McDonald’s, located in the city of Buffalo, in New York, after spending a long time in the drive-thru without anyone attending.

The user identified only as Deborah narrates in her video how is it that she waited more than 15 minutes in the drive-thru of the McDonald’s without anyone attending, And not only that, no one wanted to take his order so he reacted badly against the employees of this famous fast food restaurant.

The woman continued in her car, claiming that she did not understand how it is that if there were several people working, no one would bother to take care of her.

In another clip of this story, the tiktoker indicated that an employee of the place called the police for his angry complaints, which seems to be justified when Deborah you hear one of the employees say “dumb” or “damn bully” of the establishment, who only limited himself to closing the drive-thru window. Another worker asked her to leave, to which the client refused.

“Literally, she could have made things better by just providing good customer service, but instead she chose violence,” Deborah wrote in the latest video about this case.

The fact opened a whole debate on social networks, since some considered the woman’s reaction too exaggerated while others indicated that they understood it perfectly because they have lived similar experiences in this type of services, where sometimes, employees do not they give the expected service.

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