Bukele deploys more than 2,000 soldiers to arrest Salvatrucha gang members

A strong military and police operation has been carried out since the early hours of this Sunday, October 2nd, 2022, in the municipality of Comasagua, El Salvador, after the murder of a man was reported in the Loma Hermosa area of the town.

According to police reports, the subject was killed yesterday morning and identified as Marco Antonio Perez Henriquez, 36. His body was left a few meters from the truck he was driving, in which he was transporting the tools to work the land.

It is presumed that Pérez Henríquez was shot at least three times at his place of work. Because of this, authorities decided to install a military cordon in the municipality to capture those responsible for the crime.

Nayib Bukele reported that some 2,000 soldiers took Comasagua

“Around 2,000 soldiers are in place,” explained the President of the Republic, Nayib Bukele.

At the moment, the National Civil Police (PNC), through its official Twitter account, reported the capture of six members of the Witmer Locos Salvatruchos clique from Comasagua, five men and two women.

This was not the only murder reported yesterday by the police. In the municipality of San Juan Opico, department of La Libertad, a man was gunned down in his home in the residential area of Los Chorros.

The authorities did not identify the victim. According to unofficial information, the subject was killed for not paying rent to the gangs.

What is Mara in El Salvador?

The new gangs, known as “maras,” grew rapidly.

The new gangs, known as “maras,” grew rapidly and profoundly marked the period following the armed conflict. In 2003, the maras were already one of the country’s main problems, and in reaction to this problem, the ARENA government launched the so-called “mano dura” (iron fist) policy.