Burger King is offering free onion rings with any $1 purchase on June 22, 2022

Burger King is celebrating National Onion Ring Day with a big promotion.

Photo: Burger King / Courtesy

If you are a food lover of the fast food chain, Burger King, we have good news for you since this day you can take some delicious and crispy free onion rings with any purchase of at least $1.

And it is that the fast food chain is pampering its customers with this great promotion for celebrate National Onion Ring Day, which takes place every June 22.

Free onion rings for loyal customers

If you want to enjoy an order of onion rings, it’s easy, you just have to be a member of the loyalty program Royal Perks and place your orders online or through the Burger King app.

The promotion is valid on any purchase of at least $1 dollar. So that way you can enjoy the delicious food on this special date.

The fast food chain company is thus celebrating andl National Hoop Day and pampering its most loyal and exclusive customers.

“Onion rings could be the unsung hero we need”Burger King wrote on their social networks.

Enjoy more offers from Burger King

You cannot miss the opportunity to add this extra to your burger, the onion rings you can enjoy as a starter or a side dish, You can eat them alone or accompanied by your favorite sauces.

Although Burger King is celebrating Onion Day in a big way, it also offers you other promotions so you can enjoy it alone or with others. Click here to discover the offers.

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