Burger King robbery that left a teenage girl dead was staged; partner who was not in the plan shot him

Niesha Harris-Brazell died after being shot in the chest.

Photo: GoFundMe / Courtesy

On January 2, the press in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, announced that a 16-year-old girl who was identified as Niesha Harris-Brazell died after being robbed at a self-service window from the Burger King store where she worked as a cashier.

Weeks later, Milwaukee police noted that a Burger King employee confessed that the robbery was planned by her, her father and the victim.

The accusations came after a criminal complaint filed on Friday, January 14 against the father of the minor who also participated in the robbery, Antoine Z. Edwards, 41.

Also, it has been reported that Niesha Harris-Brazell was not shot by Antoine Z. Edwards, but from another co-worker who was not part of the plan.

According to the complaint, the other employee who has been identified as Derrick D. Ellis, 34, upon noticing the assault, fired at the assailant, but the bullet went straight into the chest of cashier Niesha Harris-Brazell.

Derrick D. Ellis, who was charged last week with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, is known to have fled the scene of the crime after the cashier fell to the floor.

Following the statements of one of those involved, the victim’s grandmother Ida Lane pointed out that her granddaughter had no need to participate in a planned robbery because by his side he had her and other family members who helped him financially.

“That is complete and utter nonsense. Actually, my granddaughter didn’t have to work. I had a working grandmother, a working mother, five working aunts and one working uncle. My granddaughter only had to store what she needed or what she wanted. We tried to instill values ​​in him,” Ida Lane told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Antoine Z. Edwards has been charged with felony murder and intentionally contributing to the delinquency of a child resulting in the death of a person, which is also classified as a felony. Until now It is not known what will be the punishment that the friend will receive.

Despite the statements made by Niesha Harris-Brazell’s friend, Ida Lane still trusts the young lady, who was at home every eight days: “I’m trying to give him the benefit of the doubt.”