Burger King will give away 20 Bitcoins in new promotion

You only have to make a purchase of $ 5 dollars to be able to win a cryptocurrency.

Photo: MichaelWuensch / Pixabay

Burger King announced Monday that it launched a promotion in partnership with investment platform Robinhood to offer members of its rewards program, Royal Perks, the opportunity to earn cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin., Dogecoin or Ethereum. The offer comes at a time when cryptocurrencies or digital currencies are gaining more and more value.

At the time of writing this note, the value of a Bitcoin is $ 60,450, while an Ethereum is worth $ 4,230 and a Dogecoin $ 0.26 cents.

Maria Posada, vice president of digital customer experience for Burger King North America, said it was only natural for them to partner with Robinhood to give away cryptocurrencies to customers. And this is one of the most popular platforms to buy cryptocurrencies.

Posada said that the famous hamburger chain is offering cryptocurrencies very simply, and all customers have to do is buy their products.

Through November 21 or while prizes are exhausted, Royal Perks rewards program members who spend as little as $ 5 or more on the Burger King app, website or restaurant using the ‘My code’ tool at participating locations will be rewarded with cryptocurrencies.

‘My code’ is a code that the customer requests when paying for their purchases.

The main prize offered is (the cryptocurrency) Dogecoin, some lucky customers could receive an Ehtereum or a full BitcoinBurger King said in a statement.

Eligible members of the Royal Perks rewards program will receive one cryptocurrency when they make a qualifying purchase, and can only receive one digital currency per day, as reported in USA Today.

Starting Monday, 20 Bitcoin, 200 Ethereum and 2,000,000 of Dogecoin will be available to gift to customers.

To obtain a cryptocurrency, customers must first download the Burger King mobile app or visit BK.com and sign up to become a member of the Royal Perks rewards program.

Then, customers must make a $ 5 purchase in the app, the website or in the restaurant using ‘My code’. Afterwards, they should wait for an email with instructions on how to claim the cryptocurrency they have earned in the Robinhood mobile app.

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