Bus crash in Egypt leaves 16 dead and 18 injured

Speeding and weather conditions claimed the lives of 14 people due to a traffic accident where an unfortunate collision between a bus and a minibus caused a huge traffic congestion during the rescue work of the emergency forces.

The town of El Tor on the Sinai Peninsula was where the accident occurred about 400 kilometers from Cairo, with fog and speeding being the main causes of the fatal accident.

This accident was similar to the one that occurred in Russia a few days ago, when a bus accident + left five dead and 21 injured + mainly due to the lack of visibility on the roads.

Bus crash kills 16 in Egypt

The frontal collision caused the immediate death of several of the victims Bad roads are the main cause of accidents

In the last hours of this Saturday, the incident that involved a bus and a minibus caused the death of 16 people, of which seven died at the scene, while the remaining nine died shortly after being sent to nearby hospitals, having as main responsible to the highways.

According to what we found out in AmericanPost.News, the roads in Egypt are in a deplorable state, which in combination with the weather conditions, produced about seven thousand deaths during the year 2020.

Deaths from car accidents increase in the last year

Bad roads are the main cause of accidents

Not only in Egypt, but also in other parts of the world, where federal highways are the most frequent places where accidents happen, one of the most regrettable being the + crash of the trailer in Chiapas +, where more than 50 migrants lost their lives after an incident.

So far the identity of those killed in the Egypt accident has not been disclosed, and rescue efforts continue while the injured are treated and some may leave the hospital in the coming days.

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