Buy a car for your child and move everyone by paying for it with coins

  • Father buys a car for more than $ 7 thousand for his son and everyone was moved to see how he paid for it
  • The man saved for years to be able to give his son a great gift as a result of his effort
  • It took 20 employees and more than 3 hours to count all the money

Touching. A man in Zhoukou, China, about 50 years old, bought a car for more than $ 7,800 for his son and paid for it with coins. The story that has quickly gone viral on social media not only shocked the dealership’s employees but also everyone who has known its heartwarming story.

A show of perseverance paid off for a father who for years saved his money little by little to be able to buy his son’s first car. Beyond the act itself, what generated the greatest stir was the way the man paid for the vehicle: only with coins, he reported Now This News.

Man buys car for his son and pays with coins

man buys car
Photo: Twitter.

According to some local media, the man brought to the dealer 17 bags full of thousands of coins of different denominations of renminbi, as the monetary representation of the yuan, the official currency of China, is known. According to El Comercio, the car was worth 51,000 yuan, equivalent to about 7,893 US dollars.

In a video posted on social networks, it is seen how at least 20 employees of the automobile trade had to join the task of counting coin by coin and organizing the money in bags. “It took 20 employees and more than 3 hours to tell it all, but he left with the car when all was said and done,” Now This News said on its account. Twitter.

He used all his savings

buy car
Photo: Twitter capture

“He wanted to give his son a gift, so he took all his savings in coins and brought them to the store,” commented one of the employees at the automotive center. “It was my turn to count coins until I felt cramps in my hands,” said another worker at the dealership. for. watch the video press HERE.

Many netizens claimed that while it was a moving act, the man may have gone to the bank first instead of going directly to the dealership. “In Mexico this is avoided, the client is sent to make the deposit to the bank and voila, the workers do not waste time and the money is counted in the bank,” wrote an Internet user. “They would have told him to change the coins, go to the bank, get the money in bills and then come back. In no way should they dedicate all that time to him, “reads one of the comments.

Curious: using a scale shows that steak in a restaurant is underweight

Weighing machine
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Although for many people going to a restaurant means having a good time and enjoying exquisite dishes, this was not the case for diner Antonio Chacón, who discovered something really embarrassing for the Texas Roadhouse, according to the Mirror news portal.

And is that like any client, this man arrived with high expectations to enjoy a large, juicy and rich beef steak, so he already had his order displayed, and that was how he sat at his table, but no one would imagine what what would happen.


Underweight steak
Photo Twitter

The 22-year-old was accompanied by his family, his father, his daughters and other family to celebrate his birthday. The goal was to order a 6-ounce steak, about an inch thick, based on what you see in the images.

But everything ‘collapsed’ when his order arrived and he realized that what was offered was a lie, at least in the first instance, so he did not hesitate for a minute to investigate and thus give a ‘blow’ to the restaurant management . Filed Under: father buys car for his son.


Texas Roadhouse
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The young man waited for his order, but when his dish arrived it was where he noticed an irregularity, so he was static and immediately thought that it was not good and that his steak was not what it seemed that was offered on the menu .

The restaurant management puts on their menu that their steak has a 6-ounce pes, however, to the man this seemed not to be true. The expression for disagreeing with this was the following: “This looks like a children’s meal.” Filed Under: father buys car for his son.


Weighing machine
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The diner arrived at the Texas Roadhouse in Pueblo, Colorado, to celebrate his birthday with his family, so he ordered one of his favorite dishes, ribs and steak, with French fries and mashed potatoes, but this time he would realize something really embarrassing.

And the thing is that the piece of steak looked very underweight, so he did not hesitate to question its weight, so he asked the staff for permission to check it, so they gave him authorization and he left for his car, leaving everyone with the unknown. Filed Under: father buys car for his son.

Lightweight steak: WEIGHTED 3.68 OUNCES

Underweight steak
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When he returned, the man brought electronic scales with him, so he placed a paper on one of them and then the piece of meat, there he turned on the device and what he marked left everyone astonished, as it was impressive.

The scale marked a weight of 3.68 ounces, almost half of what was offered in the menu, however, it is clarified that the 6 ounces offered by the restaurant are when the meat is raw, since when cooked it is reduced by a percentage. Filed Under: father buys car for his son.


Texas Roadhouse
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Antonio Chacón did not hesitate to publish this situation on social networks and commented: “It had been my birthday. I ordered the ribs and the steak. They gave me a 6 oz steak and when they brought it out, it looked very small. “

He also added: “I told the manager and the waiter. They didn’t believe me it didn’t look good. I went with my mom, my dad, my girlfriend and my brothers and my two stepdaughters. They laughed”. My dad said ‘go find that scale we just got.’ I grabbed it and asked permission. I made sure I asked the main manager why I would have felt disrespectful doing that if I hadn’t done it. ” Filed Under: father buys car for his son.

Lightweight Steak: THE CHECK

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Then Antonio Chacón explained on social media the talk he had at Texas Roadhouse: “I asked the manager ‘do you think I can weigh it?’ She said ‘yes, no problem. Ahead”. I ran to my car. I had the scales in my toolbox in my trunk ”.

And then he added: “I went to my trunk, grabbed it and used the wrapping paper. I ripped off a piece, put that on the scale, and then put the steak on. It weighed 3.6 oz. The waiter was like ‘oh, it’s going to weigh 4 oz or 5 oz.’ I said ‘no, this seems small. It looks like a children’s meal. I had ordered an adult meal. ” Filed Under: father buys car for his son.

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