Buying used cars: top 12 useful tips

What can you answer to the question: what is better to buy a new or used car? So, that, to answer it and at the same time to decide for yourself this question, it is necessary to understand this topic in detail. When buying a used car, there are immediately concerns about how it will work on the road, but still buying just such a car you “risk” to get not only a bad experience, but also to get an unforgettable experience when using it. As of today, there are many views from different angles regarding the choice of this or that car means of consideration, including not new. Some of them are more effective before you even pay for one, while others are more effective when you test drive one yourself. To make sure you don’t stumble upon a substandard car, we’ve put together twelve of the most effective tips for buying a used car. So, let’s go directly to their consideration.

1.  Sit down and consider on what comes first for you

The choice of a particular model depends primarily on how you will use this vehicle. In this manner, if you need to travel off-road, and even over long distances, then you will popularly be only an SUV. At the time, if your primary task is short trips to the office, to the store and home in urban conditions, then you are better to pay attention to the car class sedan, station wagon or hatchback. If you plan to go, for example, on a business trip, or you are a tourist, then you can rent a jeep in Vancouver , because they are ideal for traveling around the city. It is the right arrangement of priorities that will help you not to spend a lot of money on expensive luxury cars that have many features that are not always advisable to use only for your needs.

2.  Set a budget for your future purchase

Attentively compute all of your savings, estimate your expenses for the current month, and compare your financial capabilities with the purchase price. Do not “run” for a car with a low cost, because it is more likely you will come across a product of dubious quality or even obtained illegally. Compare the price of a particular model at different verified car dealerships and further refer to it when choosing on the secondary market. Subject to you do not have the necessary amount to buy, you can take advantage of car rentals in Vancouver. In addition, you may be able to get discount coupons, and for this, be sure to visit the website of a verified retailer.

3.  Decide where to buy: in a car dealership or from a private owner

If you advantage a dealership, you will most likely be offered a service guarantee and the opportunity to take out insurance. And by preferring to buy from an individual entrepreneur, even though you may be able to find the product at a lower cost, you are much more likely to come across a substandard counterfeit or a car that is not quite in working order. If you have a difficult financial situation, you can temporarily rent a jeep in Vancouver, as there are many good deals from both agencies and individuals. It would be desirable to check not only the work of transport, but its documentation, so before you choose a place, order legal services.

4.  Make a wishlist

Such a list is a collection of used car ads that meet your needs, desiring and wallet. By the way, there are special sites where you can check offers according to different parameters. Be sure to review your list, look for new listings and delete old ones.

5.  Create a confined list of contender

From your wish list, prefer the most pertinent listings for you according to your financial means. These are the sellers you need to contact and discuss all the details in person. Then, after all the meetings, you will be able to take «the one».

6Dig for used cars in your area

The best option is to find a car in your town, for example, ask if any of your neighbors happen to be selling a car. If no one is selling, or you don’t like the options, then you have only one way to go to the distributor’s website and choose the right search filters. Buying from a local can save you the time and effort of finding and shipping your chosen item.

7.  Check the “reputation” of the car

Before you buy a used car, make sure you won’t be in trouble. To make this, ask the seller about the VIN report. It includes: mileage information, past thefts (in the presence), existing and hidden damage, sales history (in the presence), and specifications.

8.  Have your car inspected beforehand

Immediately anterior to purchase, you should order the services of an auto mechanic to perform a comprehensive technical inspection of the car and identify any existing problems that need to be addressed. Even if the seller assures you that everything is fine, you should still take your future purchase to a car service station. This will help avoid many surprises in the future.

9.  Test-drive the car – a prerequisite before buying

Be sure to drive the car and drive it around the showroom or on the street. While driving, you can evaluate the operation of the car and detect possible extraneous sounds or malfunctions. Almost all self-respecting dealerships allow their customers to have an engine test.

10.  Ask about the possibility of lowering the price

You can ask about the possibility of conceding the purchase price, if the owner, will agree to such terms. It should be noted that it is better to ask for a discount of 10-15%. This is the most reasonable and arbitrary discount. In the corner, if the seller himself willingly makes you a big discount, it should alert you, because behind such a thing can hide something illegal.

11.  Pay only by bank transfer

Avoid paying by cash in any way, because often this way of payment hides some kind of fraudulent scheme. The fact is that with this way of payment, you have a big risk of not being able to prove the fact that you made a payment or underpaid. And when you pay to a bank account, you have a document that proves it.

12.   Read the agreement cautiously

Your lawyer should be by your side when you make your sales agreement. He or she will help you identify inaccuracies and disagreements and help you get the contract right. However, you should also read everything meticulously and thoughtfully.

ConclusionSo, regardless of where exactly and what brand of car you want to buy, you can always use our advice on what to look for when buying a used car. To summarize, look for official dealers only, order a technical inspection and test drive the car, and don’t forget to involve a lawyer in the process of concluding a purchase and sale agreement. You can find the best place to buy a used car here, and learn more interesting tips for choosing a vehicle here.