Cádiz goalkeeper delivered a defibrillator to save the life of a fan in the stands

Photo: CRISTINA QUICLER/Getty Images

This Saturday’s game between FC Barcelona and the Cadizit seemed to be an afternoon of joy for those led by Xavi Hernandez. However, his rout (4-0) ended up marred by a sad chapter when one of the fans of Cadiz collapsed in the stands, requiring medical help from the stadium. In addition, the goalkeeper of the local team also contributed his grain of sand by giving a defibrillator.

In minute 85, when the Catalans were winning (2-0), a follower of the Cadiz collapsed in the stands, causing great concern among the footballers and the other fans. However, the local goalkeeper, Conan Ledesma, ran from one side to another to look for a defibrillator. Later, he threw it into the public to assist the person.

Then, the same Argentine made signs to see if everything was fine and as if that were not enough, he stood on one side to see how the fan of his club was evolving, which was falling (2-0) at that time.

The most curious thing about the local goalkeeper’s run is that the aforementioned defibrillator was thrown at him by a member of the medical staff of the FC Barcelona, demonstrating that before being professionals, they are human beings.

But the gesture of Conan Ledesma was not the only one. But the Uruguayan Ronald Araujo also leaned over the grass to pray for the health of the fanatic who, like everyone else, was supporting his team in a new day of Spanish football.

In short, the match was paralyzed in its final times because the footballers did not want to continue disputing one more second of the commitment knowing that a person was fighting for his life. Later, when it stabilized, the actions were resumed, and Xavi Hernandez sealed the victory (4-0) with goals from Ousmane Dembélé and Ansu Fati, who did not celebrate their goals out of respect for the Cadiz.