Caeli makes fun of Kimberly Loaiza again, now on TikTok

Caeli is again involved in the controversy after sharing a video on her profile TikTok. However, the detail that made fans furious is that he has apparently made fun of Kimberly Loaizawith whom he starred in a controversial episode last November.

In the clip we can see the 32-year-old influencer dance to the rhythm of ‘After 12’, a song performed by “La lindura Mayor” and Ovi that has been a resounding success on the popularity charts. However, it was noteworthy that she indicated that I didn’t know who sang it and at the same time I knew it was a good song.

“When you like the song and you didn’t know whose it was… I accept it, Kim is very good at what she does,” Caeli wrote on TikTok.

As expected, the video originally shared on TikTok did not go unnoticed by netizens, as it is possible to read hundreds of comments from fans, who assure that she just wants to look good with Kimberly Loaiza after the controversy that was generated when she claimed him for not inviting her to the KL Fest.

Does Kimberly Loaiza abuse autotune?

Netizens assure that the influencer insinuated that “La Lindura Mayor” abuses autotune. Today, she is known for being one of the first social media influencers in Mexico.

The situation got out of control when he confirmed to a TikTok user that it had been difficult for him to identify JD Pantoja’s wife because her voice sounds totally different from her other songswhich has been considered by many netizens as a mockery.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that “La Lindura Mayor” has been accused of abusing autotune. However, music experts have analyzed her voice and say that, despite the fact that she does not have a great vocal capacity, she is improving her technique and that it is very likely that in the future he will be able to sing much better if he continues to practice.

Who is Kaeli?

Today, she is known for being one of the first social media influencers in Mexico.

AmericanPost.News you mentioned earlier that Caeli is one of the first content creators to conquer YouTube in Mexicosince his debut on said platform was on November 16, 2011. Currently, his official channel has more than 15.7 million subscribers.