Caifanes raised his voice for murdered journalists

MEXICO CITY, FEBRUARY 19, 2022.- Concert by the Mexican rock band “Caifanes” presenting their 2022 tour at the Palacio de los Deportes. PHOTO: EDGAR NEGRETE/CUARTOSCURO.COM (Edgar Negrete/)

Various political pronouncements in the midst of the musical euphoria were part of what was experienced in the most recent concert of caifansheld on the night of this Saturday, February 19 at the Palacio de los Deportes in Mexico City.

The iconic rock band ignited the spirits and caused the euphoria of the almost 7 thousand attendees to the venue, where they returned after a prolonged period due to the health crisis that continues to wreak havoc worldwide.

In the middle of Show, the gang made up of Saúl Hernández, Alfonso André and Diego Herrera demonstrated against the violence that plagues the country and is reflected in tragic events that mostly go unpunished, such as the femicides, the murders against journalists and at the same time defended the fight for freedom of expression.

Saúl Hernández spoke out against the demonstrations that restrict the freedom of expression of citizens and journalists (Photo: Screenshot)

“There are people who have been killed for doing their work in this country, those who are giving their lives so that we know what is happening in this country are being killed. This song goes out to all of our reporters who have been brutally and stupidly murdered. for their freedom of expression”, said the band’s vocalist and then sang the song before they forget us.

Hernández condemned the fact that freedom of expression is being exponentially limited in a country where access to information is essential for the advancement of society and their right to the truth, in a scenario where the murder rate of journalists has risen from 3 to 6%. Hernández raised his voice for justice regardless of political colors and ideologies.

“Living is insecure in this country. Now violence is appearing towards all the media and reporters specifically. Regardless of political and social issues and which side they are on, finally they are human beings. In addition, they are cutting off our freedom of expression, ”said the musician who has been in charge of the group since its inception in 1985.

The band presented a succession of images of the marches against violence to reporters (Photo: File)

When the famous song is played, on the large screens placed in the venue images of the various demonstrations by the murdered reporters were projected and photographs of Lourdes Maldonado, Benjamin Morales, Margarito Martinez, among other journalists who have been killed for reasons related to their professional practice, reporting and spreading the truth.