Caleb Plant causes a scandal by accusing the Canelo Team of doping: “This sport has no place for cheats”

Caleb Plant causes a scandal by accusing the Canelo Team of doping: “This sport has no place for cheats”

The Mexican Oscar Valdez, member of the Canelo Team, he tested positive in an anti-doping test and this generated a sea of ​​controversy in the world of boxing. Before the fight between Caleb Plant and Saúl Álvarez, the American ignited the controversy by claiming that Eddy Reynoso’s team dopes their fighters on purpose.

It all started from a tweet from Devin Haney. “Without doping there is no coach of the year”said the boxer in reference to Eddy Reynoso. From now on, Caleb Plant used the phrase to begin with his relief and criticism of these unsportsmanlike acts.

The IBF Super Middle World Champion posted more than ten tweets in which he emphatically downloaded the Canelo Team and the fighters who allow themselves to be influenced to accept the use of prohibited substances.

Caleb Plant’s tweets against Canelo Team

“@CANELOTEAM and @Canelo You deserve BITCH of the year! Everyone suspects that everything that comes out of that field is intentional. They have the knowledge and experience to know better and the resources to have the best of the best in whatever they want but a taco, meat or a cup of tea is the reason“.

No one puts ANYTHING on MY BODY without my approval first Vada (whose strictest testing company) at this level and with everything at risk, Why would I let someone else play with MY name… SMDH…? ”.

“So, after all that a fighter works and sacrifices for, you’re just going to let someone tell you to take something and you just take it and don’t even worry that they’re DOWNLOADING everything you’ve accomplished down the drain. “

“Because at the end of the day, Has a name even been mentioned of who gave you the “herbal tea”? NO! the only name that came out is the one that took it, so Why let someone put you in that position?“.

“If you really start asking yourself these questions and really start unpacking this whole question by question, Is it really stable? Can it really make sense? FUCK NO. This sport has no place for cheats. ”.

“Do you want to tell me that you won more than 100 million and you live in San Diego, but you had some tacos or a steak at some random taco stand in Mexico or some random steak And just doing that once made your levels SO HIGH? “.

Get out of here … people don’t take these things for confidence, they take it for FEAR! They don’t want to let their nuts hang, so they take shit that will make them cringe. ”

“I said what I said and I keep it so fuck who doesn’t like it. INNNNN sports people know what’s up, but the ones who don’t speak are the same ones who cheat like them“.

“It almost seems frowned upon to even talk about these things in boxing. There’s a whole different world when it comes to banned substances that people in the fighting game don’t want to talk about, but I don’t give a damn. There is no place for that“.

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