California teen with autism who disappeared in 2019 found alive in Utah

Oswalt had trouble contacting the authorities due to his autistic condition – Photo: California Department of Justice/Courtesy

A California teen who had been missing since 2019 was found alive outside a Utah gas station, informed the authorities.

The Clearlake, California, Police Department reported Connerjack Oswalt missing in late September 2019 when he was 16 years old. He was last seen in the California town of Willows, about 85 miles north of Sacramento.

According to a statement released by the Summit County, Utah, Sheriff’s Office, officers approached a young man over the course of two weeks after responding to calls from the community about a homeless person wandering the Kimball area. Junction, pushing a shopping cart, Insider reported.

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“The agents responded every time they offered services to the young man, that he was not violating any law; he refused any assistance,” the sheriff’s office said in a statement via Facebook.

On April 9, Summit County authorities received a call about a young man sleeping outside a convenience store in Park City, Utah, 32.5 miles from Salt Lake City.

“Through past interactions and the interaction on Saturday, it was clear to deputies that the man communicated differently,” the sheriff’s office said of Oswalt and his autistic condition.

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The department’s work to corroborate Oswalt’s identity was through a finger scan, as the young man did not tell authorities his name. A Nevada arrest warrant for Connerjack “Oswald” was later found, with his last name misspelled, Sheriff Justin Martinez told local media outlet WTVT.

“The agents again felt that there is more to this story, there is something else that this individual is resistant, reluctant to communicate,” added Martínez, who specified that they reviewed the database of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

“After about 16 pages of going through names, photos and trying to find something that could match, we came up with the name Connerjack Oswalt,” Martinez said.

In the midst of the investigation, police contacted Clearlake Police and Suzanne Flint, Oswalt’s mother, who confirmed that her son was still missing.

Through a statement collected by WTVT, the Clearlake Police Department confirmed that Oswalt was found alive.

“It was great news for us at the Clearlake Police Department to hear that the Summit County Sheriff’s Office found Oswalt safe. We hope that Connerjack’s family can get much needed relief knowing that he is okay,” Clearlake police said.

Suzanne Flint did not hide her joy at the news of the discovery of her son, who is now 19 years old, and thanked the authorities for their work: We are just thankful that he is safe and alive and that we have our son back. That’s the most important thing for us.

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