California woman dies after falling from the third floor of a parking lot during a motorcycle class

A woman suffered a fatal fall from the third floor of a parking lot at a California shopping center on Monday, after losing control of the motorcycle he was learning to ride, police said.

A motorcycle driving lesson ended in tragedy when a 25-year-old woman lost control and fell three stories from the parking lot of the mall located in Santa Clarita, California, authorities said.

Several people were teaching the woman how to ride a motorcycle on a structure on the roof of the Westfield Valencia Town Center parking lot.

A sheriff’s office spokesman said the woman lost control of the motorcycle or was unable to stop.

Apparently, the young apprentice veered against the walls. she knows crashed into the wall of the parking lot, went over the handlebars and fell three stories into the void, Fox 11 Los Angeles reported.

Agents received a call around 5 pm Monday about a person who fell near the Macy’s store. His name has not been released.

Los Angeles County Fire authorities treated the woman at the scene of the accident before transporting her to a hospital, where she died, according to the report.

There were visible tire marks covering several parking spaces in the lot, though it is not known if they belonged to the woman’s motorcycle, another member of the group, or were present prior to the incident, Fox LA reported. The sheriff’s office spokesman said it appears to be a “tragic accident,” but the incident is still under investigation.