Calling a man “bald” is considered sexual harassment in the UK

A court of United Kingdom determined what to call bald a man is not considered a harmless joke, but can be considered sexual harassment and be the object of discrimination towards people with alopecia.

This came after Tony Finn, an electrician from Yorkshire, filed a lawsuit in which he made derogatory comments about his baldness in his job and for which he said he was discriminated against.

According to The Guardian newspaper, the court, made up of a panel of three male judges, “lamented their own lack of hair” and concluded that the use of this word could be “inherently related to sex” and sexual harassment.

Calling a man bald is sexual harassment.

A UK court has ruled that calling out comments about baldness is harassment. In some cases, androgenetic or androgenic alopecia has a genetic cause

According to the British Court, commenting on the baldness of a man it’s like commenting on the size of the breasts of a womanso they determined that it would be harassment.

Tony had been working as an electrician for almost 24 years with British Bung, a small family business in West Torkshire. However, in May 2021 he was fired from him and decided to sue his former employer for sexual harassment and unfair dismissal.

The panel of judges determined that the man receive financial compensation after being a victim of discrimination due to the verbal language used against him in what was his work space.

What is the cause of baldness?

In some cases, androgenetic or androgenic alopecia has a genetic cause

The alopecia is the abnormal hair lossIt is also known as baldness. This occurs when the hair follicle shrinks over time, producing shorter, thinner hair. In some cases, androgenetic or androgenetic alopecia has a genetic cause, since the propensity for alopecia is transmitted through the X chromosome. En AmericanPost.News We recommend: They decapitate a bald man because they thought his head had gold.

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