Camilo and Evaluna Montaner took their ‘Indigo’ to the Jimmy Fallon show

In a night full of magic and Latin triumph, Camilo Echevery and Evaluna Montaner took their ‘Indigo’ to the Jimmy Fallon show.

For the second time this year, Camilo is invited by Jimmy Fallon for his famous ‘The Tonight Show’ on the NBC network. This time it was very well accompanied by his wife and singer Evaluna and the baby that is growing in the womb of the smallest of the Montaners, Indigo, that precisely gives the title to the song that they sing as a duet.

With the simplicity that characterizes them, although for some it may be a bit carefree, Camilo came to the stage of the late night show barefoot, and Evaluna showing her precious belly that grows every day more like the baby that goes inside.

Before the presentation there was room for jokes, when Camilo and Evaluna told Fallon that in gratitude neither the baby nor the song would be called more Indigo, but Jimmy in his honor.r.

Already in the show, Evaluna and Camilo poured out not only their talent, but the love they feel for each other and for the blessing that is on the way, their first child to continue forming that family that was born when they married in March 2020.

This November 18 we will see them on the Latin Grammy stage, and surely receiving some or all of the trophies of their 10 nominations.



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