Camilo Blanes, son of Camilo Sesto, would have “days numbered”, he is evicted and without money

Mexico. Camilo Blanes, the only child of the late singer Camilo Sesto and who he had in the eighties with Lourdes Ornelas, he would be evicted and without money, be reported on various news portals.

Camilo Blanes would have spent several months already hospitalized after having suffered a severe accident and doctors would have evicted him, even claiming that his days would be numbered due to multiple organ failure.

Camilo had an accident in November 2021 after suffering a severe fall on his bicycle, which took him to the hospital and was in intensive care, and it was said that he was “under the influence of drugs and alcohol” when he crashed.

An alleged friend of Camilo has revealed to TV Notes that only “a miracle could save him”, since everything has been done for him clinically speaking and several of his organs do not work, including the lungs, liver and kidneys.

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“He can no longer breathe on his own and they just had a tracheostomy done. He had a tube, they wanted his lungs to do their job with oxygen, but a few days ago his respiratory system collapsed. Also, his kidneys and liver they don’t work, “says the source.

On the other hand, Lourdes Ornelas, mother of Camilo, is deeply sad and he refuses to admit reality, and Camilo’s own friend claims that she cannot even enter his room and sees him from a glass.

The worst of all is that Camilo has no money, since the inheritance that his famous father Camilo Sesto left him, you are in a judicial process and what they deposit to you monthly is not enough to cover the expenses you have.

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Let us remember that the singer-songwriter Camilo Sesto, father of Camilo Blanes, died in September 2019 at 72 years of age due to kidney complications, and had more than 50 years of artistic career; He was able to publish his last album Camilo Sinfónico in November 2018.

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