Camilo reveals how he spent his first $ 5 million

Camilo talks about what he did with his money.

Photo: David Becker / Getty Images

Some celebrities lose their minds the first time they receive a juicy check and spend it in the blink of an eye. Rupert grintFor example, he bought an ice cream truck with money from the Harry Potter movies, and Will Smith He was so in debt before he took the title role in ‘The Prince of Bel-Air’ that he ended up losing six cars and a mansion in one day.

However, the singer Camilo it was clear to him that he would start saving as soon as he could earn a living from music. His first salary, which was “very small”, came when he was asked to play at a quinceañera party in Cúcuta and then realized that he could really contribute to his family’s finances.

I didn’t go crazy. With my first million pesos, I bought my mother a television“The singer has revealed on Instagram. “And with my first hundred million pesos I bought him a house“.

All the money he earned at the beginning of his career went to his family and to this day he continues to support them, not to mention that they also accompany him in important events such as the Latin Grammy gala this Thursday, where he won four golden gramophones.

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