Camilo Sesto’s son has irreparable damage to his organs and doctors hope for a miracle

After the death of the renowned singer-songwriter, Camilo Sesto, his son Camilo Blanes has not had an easy road, as he has been involved in deep depression due to the sadness caused by the situation, to the extent that he has put his life at risk, and therefore his health is hanging by a thread.

According to the controversial magazine TV Notas, Blanes has been going through serious health problems since last November, when he celebrated his birthday at a big party that ended up bringing major complications in his life.

This publication decided to interview a close friend of Camilo Blanes, son of Camilo Sesto. They confirmed that the young man is severely damaged in his organs after starring in a major birthday party.

The singer’s son and heir had a three-day party to celebrate one more year of life; afterward, he decided to go on a bicycle trip despite being in an inconvenient state.

Days later, Camilo Blanes was found on the side of a road and was immediately transferred to a hospital, where he was diagnosed with pneumonia and severe damage to several of his organs. The testimony details that the young man is in isolation and under constant medical supervision, as several of his vital organs are not functioning well, which puts his life in danger.

Camilo Sesto was one of the most successful singers, as songs such as “Perdóname”, “El amor de mi vida” and “Vivir así es morir de amor” were a phenomenon several years ago. Throughout his career, the singer had the joy of becoming a father on one occasion to Camilo Blanes. Unfortunately, the composer lost his life in 2019, leaving a gap practically impossible to fill in music.

This is how Lourdes Ornelas gets along with Blanes

Lourdes Ornelas, the Mexican who was singer Camilo Sesto’s partner, has the title of being the mother of the only descendant of the Spanish interpreter. The two met when she was 18 years old, and she worked as an assistant to actress Lucia Mendez.

The outlook seemed encouraging when Camilo Sesto returned to Ornelas and Camilo Jr’s life. Still, in a plan of reconquest, Sesto settled in Mexico and, one night after months, the interpreter fled with his son to Spain, and Ornelas did not see his son again until he was 18, although Lourdes relates that it was not what she expected. “When he arrived, I realized everything. It was like living with a stranger. It was a tremendous shock,” she confessed during an interview.