Camilo Sesto’s son is on the verge of death after falling on a bicycle

In AmericanPost.News we made it known that the son of Camilo Sesto He is struggling between life and death, because in November he was found unconscious at the foot of the road while a heavy rain fell, which would have caused severe lung damage that almost evicted him.

According to a source close to the family, Camilo Blanes, he was in a critical situation related to drug use and was plunged into a life of excesses, and thanks to this he committed many recklessness, proof of this is the accident he had on a bicycle .

Doctors have not been able to stabilize him and since he was found at the foot of the road almost two months ago, he remains unconscious.

The singer’s son relapsed into serious addictions, which caused his current state of health; the doctors were hopeless.

Health of Camilo Sesto’s son

The young man is in very poor health The young man lives sunk in addictions

Spanish media detailed that the young man is very serious and is torn between life and death and everything seems to indicate that he underwent a tracheostomy, in addition, he is connected to a ventilator because he collapsed in his respiratory system, kidneys, and liver.

Camilo Blanes’ mother has run out of a peso to pay for the hospital where her son is and it is worth mentioning that it is one of the most expensive in the whole country, since he is admitted to the Puerta del Hierro.

“Mrs. Lourdes, you can only see it behind glass; he is malnourished and very vulnerable, he can catch any virus or bacteria ”.

The doctors would have evicted him as he has very little chance of surviving the damage to his multiple organs.

What about the life of Camilo Sesto’s son?

The young man lives sunk in addictions

The heir of the famous singer has given much to talk about as he has been involved in various scandals involving drugs and alcohol to which he is addicted and have led him to put his health at risk.

For all this, Camilo Sesto’s son was hospitalized in an emergency and almost two months after his admission he continues to be very serious, the doctors are worried, because they do not see any progress.

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