Camilo shows Evaluna’s advanced pregnancy

Camilo He is living a great moment in his professional and personal life, since together with Eva Luna are expecting their first baby and recently bragged on his social media how good his wife looks with a advanced pregnancy.

The singer, who is one of the most successful in Latin America, has been characterized by having a great relationship with his wife and with his family.

Since the announcement of their pregnancy, the couple constantly share details of the expectation of their first-born, remember that a few months ago in AmericanPost.NewsWe tell you that Camilo and Evaluna revealed their baby’s name.

Now Camilo spoiled his followers and shared photos with the Montaner family, where his wife’s belly could be seen.

Camilo and Evaluna

The singer showed Evaluna’s advanced pregnancy Evaluna was honest with her fans

Through his official Instagram account, Camilo published a series of photographs in which he reported that he was in Buenos Aires, with Evaluna and the Montaner family, and the advanced pregnancy of the also singer could be appreciated.

“Friday in Buenos Aires” wrote the singer in the publication.

Although Evaluna and Camilo have been characterized by sharing details of the pregnancy, this time they released another photograph in which you can see the advanced pregnancy of the singer and her “belly.”

In the images you can see Camilo kissing his wife’s belly, the scene unsurprisingly moved his millions of fans, who are eagerly awaiting the birth of their firstborn.

Evaluna opens up to her fans

Evaluna was honest with her fans

The singer Evaluna has earned the affection of her millions of fans, by characterizing herself as a transparent and loving person, which is why she used her Instagram account to confess to her followers how she feels.

In a publication at the beginning of the year, the singer confessed that 2021 left her many changes, including starting therapy.

“I started therapy, I forgave myself, I learned, I felt loved and accompanied, I found myself, I started over, I saw many new places, I ate very tasty things, I moved, I returned home and had deep conversations again, I missed my parents” it was part of what the artist wrote.

The baby from Camilo and Evaluna, will bear the name of Indigo and since the announcement of the pregnancy, millions of fans and family of the singers have shown what is expected.

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