Camilo’s ex-girlfriend is “very similar” to Evaluna, they say on TikTok

Evaluate Montaner Y Camilo Echeverry They are one of the most beloved couples on the show. Their relationship has become the favorite of many due to the great love they feel for each other. However, in TikTok a video went viral where they claim that the ex of the singer of “Expensive Clothes” is very similar to his wife.

Since last January 13, several videos have been circulating where Internet users affirm that Camilo’s ex-girlfriend, Gabriela Andrade, is almost “the double” of the daughter of Ricardo Montaner, something that has shocked many.

As we inform you in AmericanPost.News, Evaluna and Camilo got married in February 2020 after five years of dating. They are currently a few months away from becoming parents of their first baby, whom they will call Indigo.

Internet users assure that the “evaverse” exists

Gabriela and Evaluna Montaner have a great physical resemblance/Photo: Instagram The singers will soon have their first baby/Photo: Ten Minutes

Apparently, the Colombian Gaby Andrade, with whom Camilo had an affair several years ago, looks a lot like the Venezuelan singer and actress on the face. You can see the video on TikTok where Gaby and Evaluna are compared by clicking here.

Let us remember that the Colombian singer and his current wife met in 2014 during a work project, when both were in a romantic relationship. It should be noted that none of the celebrities has eliminated the publications that they dedicated to their respective ex-partners a few yesterdays ago.

So it is possible that both concluded those romances on good terms. However, many TikTok users they have joked that there is the “evaverse” due to the great similarity between Gabriela and Eva.

Evaluna and Camilo will soon become parents

The singers will soon have their first baby/Photo: Ten Minutes

“Indigo” Singers Expected To Receive Their Firstborn Or Firstborn between the end of March or the beginning of April; Although the couple has not yet revealed the sex of their baby, it has been rumored that it will be a girl.

It should be noted that Camilio’s ex-girlfriend who supposedly looks like Evaluna is also married and is a mother. For now, neither Montaner nor Echeverry have commented on this viral TikTok video.

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