Camilo’s ex-girlfriend refused to delete the photos she has with him on social networks and explained the reason

Camilo Echevarry.

Photo: David Becker/Getty Images

Gabriela Andrade, is Camilo Echeverry’s ex-girlfriend and has drawn a lot of attention since they had a relationship, she has not yet deleted the photos that were taken at some point. Through a round of questions from the Instagram social network, one of her followers wanted to know the reason why she kept them.

She wrote in one of her stories on the camera network: “Ask what you want”, accompanied by a yellow heart. One person asked him: “Why don’t you delete photos with Camilo yet?” She answered: “This is a topic that many are curious about.“.

“I don’t delete photos with Camilo because I don’t delete my photos with anyone! Less if they were an important part of my life“, wrote. This couple was together from mid-2013 to 2014, and Gabriela was the person who was with him before his current wife.

The vast majority of People tend to delete the photos that they once had as a couple. However, a lot will depend on the circumstances in which the relationship came to an end. After this fact, Andrade has been involved in negative comments, because she is already married and as a result of that love she has two girls.

Because deleting photos does not erase what has been lived, so it does not matter to have them or not to have them. And I prefer to have them, ”he replied to the follower who asked him the question. His more than 95.1 followers had always caught their attention, since that relationship has been over for more than eight years.

Recently, the Colombian blew up social networks not only because of the great resemblance she has to Evaluna Montaner, she also did it because she made a complaint after they used the photos of her baby, who was days old at that time, to make her pass as Indigo .

The call was made at the beginning of April, because at that time it was rumored that the daughter of the singers Camilo and Evaluna, who also had a girl, had already been born. However, to date they have only revealed photos of their feet and their little hands.

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