Can they reject my application for an American visa for being in the Credit Bureau?

In order to enter the United States of America, it is necessary to process a visa and for this procedure you must prove some official requirements, in addition to check your income level in the country of origin, faced with this, the question arises as to whether they can reject the request for American visa for being in Credit bureau and in AmericanPost.News we explain.

If you are preparing to apply for your visa and travel to the United States, but you are concerned that your name is in the Bureau, we invite you to calm down. The Debts from your credit management history have no impact on your paperwork of visa.

It is quite likely that in an interview the agent will ask you about your finances, so you should provide data regarding your income in Mexico and mention if you have debts, here you could mention if you are in the credit bureau, but to tell the truth this will not influence the application at all, because other factors are also taken into account when authorizing or not authorizing a request.

Tips to process an American visa despite the Credit Bureau

Your credit history will not determine whether or not they give you a visa. You must verify your income at the time of processing your visa

While a “bad” credit history may seem like a problem, it will be quite useful to highlight your relationship with Mexico and your family, tell the agent that you have a stable job in Mexico, or if you are studying, to show that your intention is only a temporary visit to the North American country.

Basically you will have to convince the officer that you have no intention of staying in the United States and that way it will be safer for you to get the procedure approved.

Before processing your visa to the United States, we recommend that you clarify the reasons you have for entering the country, so that the interviewer sees a person who knows what they are going to and when they will return.

Preparing your itinerary in advance will also be quite useful, so it will be easier to convince the agents that your plans are already defined and your return date is already defined. In addition, having a planning will help you adjust your spending budget.

What is the price of the visa?

You must verify your income at the time of processing your visa

The cost of the American visa during 2021 remained at 160 dollars (about 3,360 pesos). Children under 15 pay only $ 16. Payment is made in cash at branches of Citibanamex and Scotiabank, and it will not matter if you are at Buró de Crédito.

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