Canada-USA border bridge evicted, they had blocked it with trucks

Police of Windsor, Canada, Canada-US border bridge evictedwhich for six days had been blocked by trucks and vehicles.

Dozens of police officers advanced towards the protesters, around a hundred, and several dozen vehicles, which continue to impede traffic on the Ambassador Bridge.

Faced with the advance of the Police, the protesters, who oppose the measures taken against the pandemic, have slowly begun to back down after an emergency was declared in Ontario due to the blockade.

Canada-US border bridge evacuated

The protesters sang the Canadian anthem. Anti-vaccine movement caused serious economic losses to the US and Canada.

Some of the protesters, who in many cases carry Canadian flags, began to sing the national anthem, “O Canada”, while others rebuked the agents, questioned about “who are they working for?” and about their actions.

The eviction comes after a judge on Friday ordered anti-vaccine truckers to remove the blockade from the bridge before 7:00 p.m.

Thus, the Police distributed brochures to truckers on Friday night indicating that as of Saturday the state of emergency would come into effect in Ontario and that the blockade of the bridge was “illegal”.

Anti-vaccine block bridge

Anti-vaccine movement caused serious economic losses to the US and Canada.

The blockade of the Ambassador Bridge has been one of the actions of the anti-vaccine movement and truckers against the measures of the pandemic, which has caused serious damage to the economies of Canada and the United States.

At least six vehicle assembly plants on both sides of the border have had to reduce production, or cease production altogether, due to a lack of parts.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has spoken with US President Joe Biden and pledged to end the blockade of the Ambassador Bridge that connects Windsor to Detroit.

And although they vacate the Canada-US border bridge, protesters blocked two other border crossings in the center and west of the country, and in Ottawa, some 400 trucks and hundreds of people have been blocking the streets surrounding Parliament for two weeks despite the repeated requests by the authorities to end the “illegal occupation” of the Canadian capital.

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