Canadian hit a young woman at the Progreso police station (video)

Yesterday afternoon there were moments of tension in the port of Chelem, after a subject of Canadian origin hit a young woman inside her house.

The man was identified as Daniel Brunet, 75 years old, of foreign origin and a resident of the port of Progreso.

The man arrived at a house located in the port of Chelem and beat to the young Dariana Vera, 24 years old, moments recorded in a video by a relative of the young woman.

According to the story of the relatives, the man began to exchange words with the woman, until he ended up hitting her.

Canadian aggression captured on video

The man was arrested by elements of the Progreso Police.

In the video you can see the moment in which the man subdued the woman against the floor and moments in which he punched and pushed her several times when they were standing.

The woman was beaten by the man.

After this event, the Municipal Police of Progreso was notified, so uniformed men arrived at the scene and learned of the events and arrested the man for assaulting a woman.

The assault was allegedly due to a labor lawsuit against the subject, who has a restraining order filed by those affected.

According to the members of the victim’s family, one of them worked abroad for years and after firing him, presumably did not comply with the corresponding settlement payments.

It is worth mentioning that the relatives assure that due to the conflict, the Canadian allegedly received harassment from the subject.