Canelo Álvarez and Max Verstappen are caught at a party in Miami, Florida

Festivities for Canelo Álvarez are not over yet. Despite the fact that the New Year was celebrated three days ago, the Mexican boxer continues to party, rubbing shoulders with great stars of music and sports.

During the last hours, one of the Guadalajara parties went viral on social media, as he went to Miami to celebrate in the company of another champion of the sport, something that drove the fans of both of them crazy because nobody knew that they got along so well.

The Formula 1 champion, Max Verstappen, threw the house out the window next to Canelo, at a party where there were more celebrities, however the presence of the two champions was what caused a great impact on social networks.

Canelo and Max Verstappen throw a party in Miami

Apparently the party could have been a birthday or an extension of the New Year’s celebrations, where even mariachis could be seen, and it was here that the Red Bull Racing racer and F1 champion Max Verstappen confirmed that his teammate, Checo Pérez, is not the only Mexican with whom he gets along.

In a video that circulated on social media, Canelo can be seen talking with Verstappen, and they even took the opportunity to take several photos, which did not take long to go viral, and confirmed that both champions have a good friendship.

Canelo Álvarez starts the year with all the attitude

El Canelo enjoyed a fun night with his wife

We recently informed you in AmericanPost.News how much Canelo won for all his fights last year, increasing his fortune with incredible amounts, something that undoubtedly allows him to treat himself to certain luxuries such as traveling to the United States for a party after spending the whole month December celebrating in Mexico with his wife Fernanda Gómez.

Meanwhile, he has also begun to prepare for his cruiserweight debut where he will debut with a championship fight, and now there will be someone else to support him, as Max Verstappen surely will not miss any of his next fights.