Canelo Álvarez Gifts Danna Paola A Pair Of Golden Boxing Gloves After Singing Mexican National Anthem

Canelo Álvarez gifted Danna Paola exclusive gloves after her anthem performance. Their bond and her rising international profile shine brightly.

Boxer Canelo Álvarez selected Mexican pop singer Danna Paola to sing the Mexican national anthem before his recent fight against Jermell Charlo in Las Vegas. After her powerful rendition, Canelo showed his appreciation by gifting Danna a pair of exclusive boxing gloves worth between $230-$350. This thoughtful present highlights the close bond between the two stars.

Danna Paola Sings National Anthem and Overcomes Fear

On October 1st, 2022, 28-year-old singer Danna Paola performed the Mexican national anthem prior to Canelo Álvarez’s super middleweight unification fight. Singing the anthem at such a major sporting event was a daunting task but one that Danna was honored to take on.

In an Instagram post, Danna revealed that singing live in front of thousands of people was one of her biggest fears. However, with Canelo’s support, she found the courage to overcome this fear and deliver a stunning rendition of the anthem. Her powerful vocals filled the arena and were praised by many on social media.

Canelo’s Gift Shows His Appreciation

After Danna’s moving performance, Canelo demonstrated his gratitude with a thoughtful gift – a pair of exclusive red and gold boxing gloves. These custom gloves featured intricate designs and were likely worn by Canelo himself in previous fights.

Gloves of this quality typically cost between $230-$350, making them a generous and meaningful present. Canelo is known for his kindness and for supporting up-and-coming Mexican talents like Danna. His gift shows his appreciation for her conquering her fears and highlights their close relationship.

What This Means for Danna Paola’s Career

Being selected by Canelo to sing at such a prestigious event is a huge honor for Danna Paola. It demonstrates that she is now recognized as one of Mexico’s top vocal talents.

Performing in front of millions of viewers will certainly raise Danna’s profile internationally. It’s a big step forward in her career outside of Mexico, where she is already a multi-platinum pop star.

Danna also starred in the hit Netflix series Élite, which earned her fame across Latin America and Spain. Singing at a globally televised boxing match will expand her reputation even further.

This high-profile opportunity may give Danna more chances to showcase her vocal skills at major sporting events and on the world stage.

Danna and Canelo’s Friendship

Danna Paola and Canelo Álvarez have developed a close friendship over the past few years. Both stars are proud Mexicans who support rising talents in their country.

They likely first met through Mexico’s entertainment industry. Danna has said that Canelo advises staying mentally strong in the face of criticism and pressure. She looks up to Canelo as an inspirational figure.

By selecting Danna to sing at his Las Vegas match, Canelo demonstrated his faith in her abilities. His gift of personalized boxing gloves shows his fondness for her. Their friendship is built on mutual respect and admiration.

This is not Danna’s first time involved in one of Canelo’s fights. In 2021, she sang the Mexican national anthem before his bout against Billy Joe Saunders. Their bond has grown stronger since then.

Danna Paola’s emotional performance of the Mexican national anthem was one of the highlights of Canelo Álvarez’s latest boxing match. Despite her nerves, she delivered a powerful rendition that captivated the arena.

Canelo repaid her efforts with an intimate gift of custom boxing gloves worth hundreds of dollars. His present reflects their close friendship and his appreciation for her overcoming her fears.

Singing at such a major event marks an important milestone in Danna’s singing career. It has elevated her profile internationally and shown she has joined Mexico’s elite performers. Danna and Canelo’s heartwarming bond demonstrates the importance of supporting rising Mexican talents.