Canelo Álvarez receives an unexpected surprise little daughter after hours of fight

  • A few hours after Canelo Álvarez’s fight with Caleb Plant, the boxer’s daughter steals the eyes
  • Does the 3-year-old girl say goodbye to her dad?
  • The boxer would have made confessions that leave everyone wondering if he senses death above the ring

After controversy in the middle of a press conference where they almost caught the blows, this Saturday Canelo Álvarez will finally face Caleb Plant and eyes are on the Mexican who, if he wins, would make history once again, but for days, the Confessions of the boxer from Jalisco to Jorge Ramos about always saying goodbye to his family before boxing, alerted everyone, including his daughter? Did Canelo say goodbye to her?

The Mexican is ready to beat Caleb Plant and in his most recent appearance before the fight he made it clear by receiving the support of his promoters, his fans and of course his family, however, it was the daughter of Canelo Álvarez, the little girl. 4 year old who did something ‘unforgettable’ for him.

Canelo Álvarez is ready to beat Caleb Plant

Instagram: Univision Famosos

It was through a video, shared on the ‘Univisión Famosos’ Instagram account, that the Mexican boxer can be seen ready for his fight with Caleb Plant while people support him in a pre-match event, but a little girl from 3 years steals the glances and makes the Mexican bow to her.

And it is about neither more nor less than María Fernanda, the daughter of Canelo Álvarez, who is one of the four children he has and who are everything to the Mexican boxer, so he does not hesitate to give him his full attention even when he is working in front of the press and fans.

Canelo Álvarez’s daughter steals looks by doing the unthinkable

Daughter Canelo says goodbye?

When they least expected it, Canelo Álvarez approaches the fence that separates him from the people who went to support him in an event prior to the boxing fight and everything was to greet and hug his beautiful María Fernanda, his 3-year-old daughter who is excited to see her dad succeed.

The boxer leans down to hug her and give her affection while the photographers and cell phones capture the tender moment in which the girl is excited to have the boxer close by, who must be focused on his rival Caleb Plant with whom he will have a tough encounter and more when since the press conference almost came to blows.

Does Canelo’s daughter have a feeling before the fight?

Canelo Álvarez daughter

Not only did he hug little María Fernanda, but he also gave her his hand to form a heart together and thus show his love for his daughter, as Canelo previously mentioned Jorge Ramos a few weeks ago in an interview, that he is always aware that a fight can kill you.

And it is that the boxer asked his family not to worry before a fight, because if his destiny is to die on top of the boxing ring, so be it, because he would leave this world doing what he likes the most, however, he has the Quite hard and strong ritual of saying goodbye to your loved ones, in case you don’t get out of the meeting alive.

Canelo’s tender daughter steals glances for her gesture of love

Daughter Canelo Álvarez

In the Canelo Álvarez press conference, his daughter María Fernanda did not stop sending him kisses and the boxer of the most tender as a good father answered them, leaving everyone surprised because his personal life is above the professional and still working, he give the time to care and show love to your family.

This Saturday, November 6, Saúl el Canelo Álvarez is going to face Caleb Plant in a fight in Las Vegas that is highly publicized and in which the Mexican could take neither more nor less than 40 million dollars, while his opponent would pocket 10 million. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF CANELO AND HIS DAUGHTER

Canelo Álvarez lives his life to the limit, because he never knows ‘when he could die’ in the ring

Canelo Álvarez daughter

A few weeks after the press conference that ended in a brawl between Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez and his opponent Caleb Plant to announce their fight on November 6, now the journalist Jorge Ramos ‘got the truth’ from the Mexican boxer about the worst fear What do you have … do you feel your death?

After months of just married to his now wife, enjoying his wholesale paternity and the success of fights and sponsorships, Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez confessed to Jorge Ramos in the face of his fight with Caleb Plant and told about an alarming ritual that he has before getting into the ring.

Do you feel your death? Canelo confesses to Jorge Ramos

Canelo confesses to Jorge Ramos
Instagram: Jorge Ramos

A few days after Canelo’s fight with Caleb Plant, who if he wins, would become the first unified champion of Mexico, the Mexican told Jorge Ramos that every time he has a fight, before going into the ring he has to fire his family in case he dies.

Tragic? The boxer from Jalisco, Mexico, says that he is not afraid of dying, but without a doubt before arriving in the ring, he has the ritual of saying goodbye to his parents and his wife and daughter in case a bad blow leaves him unconscious and takes him away life like many boxers has happened to them.

“One is left alone”, Canelo confesses his fear of Jorge Ramos

Jorge Ramos brought out the worst fear

According to ‘Canelo’ Álvarez, he is not afraid of dying because it is part of life and even more, of his sport, however, he would be worried about leaving only his mother, wife and daughter: “If what happens happens, it is that Only God knows, ”the man from Guadalajara began by saying to the journalist in an interview in August, which he now took up in his opinion column.

A few days before the fight with Caleb Plant, the Mexican ‘Canelo’ Álvarez does not think about death when he is fighting against his opponents, but he does take into account that it could always be his last fight in good health, before contact and the dangers of boxing.

“I always say goodbye to my family,” says Canelo Álvarez to Jorge Ramos. Do you think about death?

Jorge Ramos Instagram

“You are going to make him happy, one does not think about that (death), but I always say goodbye to my family, because one does not know if he is going to come down (from the ring) or not,” said ‘Canelo’ Álvarez very calm about his moments before the fights, but Jorge Ramos insisted it was a strong ritual before boxing.

“At the end of the day, what I tell you is not to worry because I am going to die happy, because it is what I love,” he answered, assuring that he is not afraid of death above the ring, but he would be concerned about what happens to his daughter and his wife if something happens to him and he leaves them alone.

Not afraid of death, Canelo tells Jorge Ramos his final ritual

Saul boxer

Canelo’s words to his family and his fans are quite clear: “Don’t worry, if something happens to me, don’t worry, be happy because it’s something I love,” Saúl Álvarez said before the interview that journalist Jorge conducted. Ramos a few days after his fight with boxer Caleb Plant.

Canelo Álvarez has 4 children at 31 years old and for now he has not thought about retirement despite the fact that time passes quickly and his ‘time to leave the box’ is getting closer and closer, although that depends on his health and above all its physical condition, so that at the moment it is preserved in the best shape.

Jorge Ramos makes the Mexican confess before his fight with Plant

Jorge Ramos and his interview

Canelo Álvarez Caleb Plant. Tremendous grip! A great show was provided in their first face-to-face meeting between the Mexican boxer Saúl Canelo Álvarez and the American Caleb Plant. Since in the middle of a press conference they staged a lawsuit that became pitched, between both athletes.

Both boxers will contest the IBF Super Middleweight belt on November 6 in Las Vegas, Nevada. An exhibition that promises a lot due to the sample they already presented during the press conference where one of the two was injured with a cut on his face, according to Agencia Reforma. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE INTERVIEW THAT CANELO GAVE JORGE RAMOS.