Canelo Álvarez’s brother was robbed: This is the luxurious truck that was taken from him

Víctor “Pale” Álvarez, brother of Canelo Álvarez, suffered a robbery of a pickup truck he had in mind to sell to his brother, but thieves had taken it. The event occurred in the town of Zapopan, and then the criminals fled to Puerta Vallarta, said Alvarez through a live broadcast on Instagram this Thursday, October 13.

After several hours, police officers found the van in Ameca, Jalisco, where they arrested three men who were allegedly involved in the theft of the luxury van, recounted the Mexican boxer’s brother.

Alvarez explained on his Instagram account how the theft of the luxury van occurred and detailed that he had not even met the car because it was to show it to Canelo and see if he wanted to buy it. After several hours, someone informed Victor if he had taken the car because it had been taken, and that’s when Pale called the authorities to track down the truck.

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“Thank God to all my friends and family who were very attentive because they wanted to hold me responsible for the theft of the truck, and I do not have to pay for such a luxurious truck,” said Saúl Álvarez’s brother.

Pale affirmed that he does not know who were the ones who took the truck and that they left it lying around after a Mercedes Benz worker took the electricity out of the vehicle following the complaint.

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Canelo Alvarez’s brother denied to several media that he did not receive an armed robbery, nor was he targeted or had anything happen to him. He was only responsible for the truck because he had in mind to sell it to Canelo.

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The stolen truck is a limited edition Mercedes Benz Brabus G-Class valued at 5 million Mexican pesos ($250,000). “My friend with the Mercedes already has it. I’m not going to show it to my brother. I don’t even want to show it to him,” said Victor Alvarez about the incident.

According to specialized sites, the engine of this vehicle is a 4.0-liter V8 with 585 horsepower; it can reach 100 kilometers per hour from initial acceleration in 4.5 seconds. The average fuel efficiency is 8.34 kilometers per liter of fuel consumption, and its top speed is 240 km/h (150 mph).