Canelo Alvarez’s journey from school struggles to global boxing dominance

Discover how boxing icon Canelo Alvarez built a thriving business empire and conquered the ring, all while overcoming limited educational opportunities.

Saúl Canelo Álvarez is the most admired Mexican boxer of recent times, considered the best in the world today in the Welterweight, Super Welterweight, and Super Middleweight divisions, where he has won numerous international titles.

Although he has acknowledged that his studies were not enough, he is a great businessman who has been involved in various areas such as gas stations, real estate, and even in the field of tequila production, which, together with his sponsors and fights, leave him millions in profits each year.

Credit: Instagram / @canelo
Credit: Instagram / @canelo

Canelo Álvarez’s highest level of education

During childhood, he was always a child who didn’t like to attend classes very much, but he did it by his parents’ mandate. His siblings realized his lack of passion, so they began to take him to boxing training so that he would be forged in the art of slaps like them.

His great gifts for the sport were immediately captured. Still, he continued studying and worked with his father making popsicles for a local business until he entered high school. He gradually changed his life until he became the legend he is today.

Even in high school, he missed a lot of classes, as the boxing call was much more significant. Little by little, he left the classroom to concentrate entirely on pugilism, where he immediately stood out nationally. At 15 years old, he began to win titles with medals at the National Youth Championship and the 2005 National Youth Olympics.

Credit: Instagram / @canelo
Credit: Instagram / @canelo

The first belt he won in 2008 was the Latin American Federation of Professional Boxing Commissions welterweight title, followed by the North American Boxing Federation welterweight and the World Boxing Organization. Today, it is already legendary.

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Until the year 2023, Canelo has won the WBC, WBA, WBO super welterweight world championships; WBC, WBA, IBF middleweight; WBA, IBF, IBF, IBF, WBO, WBC and WBO super middleweight and WBO heavyweight. Some opponents he has knocked out include Matthew Hatton, Miguel Cotto, Gennady Golovkin, Caleb Plant, and Callum Smith.

Canelo Alvarez’s other business dealings

However, in numerous interviews, he has mentioned that his main goal is to become a billionaire businessman. Although he accepts that he didn’t have enough studies, he also confesses that he likes to learn about business and the people with whom he has invested his money.

Credit: Instagram / @canelo
Credit: Instagram / @canelo

I want to be a billionaire in business; that’s what I want to be, a billionaire in business. I didn’t study, I have no studies, I come from very low, but I like to learn and know many things,” commented the pugilist in an interview with Graham Bensinger.

He currently has several companies that earn him millions of dollars every month. Among them are the classic Canelo Store and Canelo Technology, part of his sales plan as a boxing figure, but he is also part of Canelo Energy, a chain of gas stations, is part of trading companies, real estate, and a pugilism promoter.

He is also part of a tequila producer in the highlands of Jalisco called“VMC” (Viva México, Cabrones), which has a line of cocktails that have used the boxer’s image for their promotion. These come in different presentations according to their Paloma, Margarita, and Jamaica flavors.