Canelo will suffer a prophecy by Mayweather, the words (VIDEO)

  • After defeating Canelo a few months ago, Floyd Mayweather made a prophecy to the Mexican
  • Canelo has been crowned as one of the great boxers of recent days
  • Is the Mexican ‘cursed’ by something Mayweather said?

After his last fight, Canelo Álvarez achieved an almost clean record, with 57 victories, two draws and one defeat, which puts him at the fore as one of the best boxers in the world, so much so that his opponent and legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather had some important words for the Mexican.

Through an interview with Eddie Reynoso, coach and vital part of the ‘Canelo team’, for the YouTube channel ‘Little Giant Boxing’, it was possible to see how ‘the Mexican’s right hand’ made an important revelation about what happened in the press conference with Mayweather before the fight he had with the boxer from Guadalajara.

Mayweather send ‘curse’ to Canelo?

Instagram: Canelo

As reported by the digital portal ‘Marca’, after the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Canelo, which was the only defeat the Mexican has had, there was a memorable experience that Eddie Reynoso, coach of the Mexican champion lived and marked him for the future.

And it is that far from mocking or criticizing the performance of Canelo as his opponent, Mayweather was full of praise for the Guadalajara despite having defeated him and told Eddie Reynoso something that he will never forget and that now considers it as a ‘prophecy’, rather than a curse, because it is a positive thing.

Eddie Reynoso, Canelo coach confessed what Mayweather told him about the Mexican

Eddie Reynoso, Coach Canelo on Mayweather
YouTube: Little Giant Boxing

The words that Mayweather had for Canelo according to Eddie Reynoso, were the following: “Yes, after he beat him, at the press conference he told him ‘you know what, I’m leaving, you’re the one next …’ and as it did come out, the truth has always supported him, he has expressed himself very well about him… ”, commented the coach.

But he also specified that if Canelo has had that great advance, it has been in part because of his tenacity to learn and be a better boxer every day: “Of course he has come a long way, because he has matured more, he has already learned more, he has already had more fights. important and then I think he is not wrong (Mayweather), “said Reynoso.

Do you already know who the Mexican’s next rival is?

Mayweather makes prophecy to Mexican boxer
Instagram: Floyd Mayweather

When mentioning the words and the ‘prophecy’ that Mayweather made to Canelo, coach Eddie Reynoso expressed that the Mexican could have a third confrontation with Gennady Golovkin, this time in Mexico: “I would like a fight with Golovkin in Guadalajara or In Mexico City, that’s the fight the country wants, a trilogy. Hopefully it happens, he is going to fight in December and it depends on the result we will see… ”, he concluded.

Did people agree with Floyd Mayweather’s words and praise for the Canelo? In the YouTube video of ‘Little Giant Boxing’, the comments appeared: “My respect for Mayweather, he knows what he says”, “Canelo is one fight away from passing on the Mayweather legacy and has five more years to be considered within the 5 best fighters of all time ”.

Does Canelo have the empathy of Mayweather fans?

Eddie Reynoso talks about what Mayweather Canelo said
YouTube: Little Giant Boxing

More people spoke out in the comments to Floyd Mayweather’s words about Canelo: “They’ll both be good, but Floyd just has to sit back and enjoy the fight he gave Canelo. The past is past ”,“ I don’t know why people hate Mayweather and Canelo if they are both great fighters ”,“ Mayweather finally admits what we all already know ”.

“Everyone wants the Mexican Canelo to lose, but their eyes will not see that”, “Canelo is undoubtedly a special fighter. There is no doubt that today Canelo would knock out Maywether, at that time he did not have so much experience or maturity that is a fact “,” Mayweather was not wrong with Canelo, he was his student, he took him to school, he gave him classes that he never had they are going to forget him and to this day he continues to be their teacher ”, said more people.

Canelo’s personal life also gives something to talk about

Canelo Prophecy Mayweather

Canelo Álvarez and his daughter María Fernanda Gómez are very close and the boxer is proud of his 3-year-old girl who is a real tenderness and social networks love her, because her mother Fernanda Gómez does not miss the opportunity to show videos and images of the tender girl who little by little learns to speak English.

In addition to reciting the pledge to the flag, which caused a sensation a long time ago, little María Fernanda Gómez enjoys spending time with her sisters and on this occasion, playing at the beauty salon, with who seems to be her half-sister Emily, she gave a reason to speak in English while her mom recorded it. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF WHAT CANELO’S COACH SAID ABOUT MAYWEATHER.

Canelo’s daughter causes a sensation with her tenderness; María Fernanda Gómez learns to speak English at 3 years old

Fernanda Gómez daughter
Instagram: Univision Famosos

The video recorded by Canelo’s wife was compiled by the Instagram of ‘Univisión Famosos’ where they expose a conversation that the little daughter of the Mexican boxer has with a friend or one of her sisters, while they comb her hair and tell her speak in English.

“And tell me about your family,” says a girl to Canelo’s daughter while she combs her hair and she answers: “Yes”, you can see the conversation while they are in a playroom with a girl enjoying the time behind them, but the conversation in English was what attracted the most attention. Filed Under: Canelo Mayweather Prophecy.

At 3 years old, little María Fernanda Gómez is very loved by Canelo fans

Fighting daughter

After causing a sensation a few months ago with the oath to the Mexican flag, Canelo’s third daughter, María Fernanda Gómez now shows that at 3 years old she is ready to master English, because her pronunciation and attitude to speak the language is determined .

The conversation in English continues and she pronounces her name “María Fernanda Gómez” with an accent, while they question her father’s name, although she does not say ‘Saúl’, she only expresses “Canelo Álvarez”, which undoubtedly excites her mother who He witnessed the desire and talent of his little daughter, who will soon be 4 years old, to learn the American language. Filed Under: Canelo Mayweather Prophecy.

People are fascinated by the attitude of the Mexican’s youngest daughter

Fernanda Gómez daughter of the boxer speaking English

María Fernanda Gómez is the third daughter of Canelo procreated with her current partner named Fernanda Gómez, and perhaps because the woman is the most likely to record her, she has become the most loved by the fans of the boxer, in addition to the enormous charisma she has, without However, he has three other children: Emily Cinnamon, the eldest, Mía Ener and Saúl Adiel, all with different mothers.

Before the video of Canelo’s daughter speaking in English, people were amazed and commented: “No, wow, my 2-year-old niece speaks English, Spanish and Mandarin and her parents are not presumptuous”, “They are or are made, Wasn’t he born in the USA, it would be normal for him to speak English after a year? ”,“ How beautiful ”. Filed Under: Canelo Mayweather Prophecy.

Canelo’s little daughter also likes to sing, the tender María Fernanda Gómez

Canelo daughter

María Fernanda Gómez had also made an impact in the month of September, dressed in Chinese poblana and with her charm she began to sing the song ‘Cielo Rojo’, before one of the fights that her famous father Canelo had and the video shocked everyone for her beauty, charisma and intelligence that recognized her talent:

“WOW I’m your fan”, “How beautiful”, “How beautiful and very intelligent”, “I bet you had a lot of fun with that dress”, “What a beautiful girl congratulations”, “What beauty”, “She is a diamond”, “I die of amoooooor what an intelligent girl”, “No, they already have a singer in the family”, “How beautiful and talented”, “The importance of our children feeling proud of their roots … Congratulations”, they commented in the singing video that you can see here. Filed Under: Canelo Mayweather Prophecy.

The Mexican loves and is very noble with children

Canelo Álvarez and his daughter and family Fernanda Gómez

A few days after he was victorious in his fight against Caleb Plant, the Mexican boxer, Canelo Álvarez made a drastic decision while he went to Europe with his wife to enjoy a well-deserved vacation, which now has everyone watching the boxer who changed the lives of many children.

After the criticism he received after the press conference in which he went to blows against Caleb Plant, it was learned that Canelo Álvarez had exploded due to the insults that his opponent gave to his mother, which undoubtedly caused him to explode and thus he justified that it was on him, now a noble side of the Mexican is revealed. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF THE DAUGHTER OF CANELO SPEAKING IN ENGLISH Some images of this note come from this and this videos.

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