Cannibalism Breaks Out at Taliban-Run Rehabilitation Clinics

A fact that is shaking the world is that some drug addicts in rehabilitation have to resort to eating human meat or animals after the situation in Taliban-run clinics in Afghanistan.

It seems that the Taliban after they returned to power in Afghanistan, they promised to solve the drug addiction problems in the country, even though they spent years profiting from opium, to which most people in that territory are now addicted.

It can now be seen that six months after taking charge of Afghanistan, the Taliban are fulfilling their promise, rounding up thousands of drug addicts living on the streets and locking them up in hospitals.

Cannibalism in rehabilitation clinics

Drug addicts in Afghanistan Afghanistan grows opium

What is causing the most noise in this system is that these rehabilitation centers are very similar to concentration camps, where they must remain for three months to be suddenly detoxified.

It was through the Daily Mail portal, that it was said that in one of these “hospitals” located in the Afghan capital, Kabul, the inmates are in inhumane conditions, since the beds are shared between three people, they receive little or no food and are forced to eat grass to stave off hunger pangs.

But that’s not all, as there are also rumors that addicts have had to resort to eating cat meat and even cannibalistic activities in order to survive.

They killed a man to eat him

Afghanistan grows opium

That is why recovering addicts have recently been said to have made statements about things going on inside the clinic, from cannibalism to death by starvation, as one of them stated:

“They killed a man and made a fire. They took his intestines and ate them.”

As if that were not enough, another of the inmates, identified as Abdul, indicated that it is common for “patients” to die of hunger every day because they go days without eating.

“One cut off the head of a cat and ate it.”

On the other hand, a reporter visited Afghanistan on January 16 and received the following statement: “People ate cats in the park yesterday. One cut off the cat’s head and ate it.”

It should be noted that despite this situation, for many years, Afghanistan has been the largest supplier of opium and heroin worldwide, producing more than 80% of supplies, while 2017 was the peak year and they managed to produce profits per 1.4 billion, according to the UN.

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