Capi Pérez does not forgive and makes fun of Kristal Silva for not reaching the final of Miss Universe

Cap Perez The 35-year-old had an embarrassing moment for his partner Kristal Silva, 30, this after making a dynamic in Venga la Alegría where Cynthia Rodríguez was also with whom he held hands as if they were in a beauty pageant.

But within this action, Capi Pérez reminded Kristal Silva that she could not even reach the final of Miss Universe in 2016, so far from laughing at the comment, she showed a slightly disjointed face, because apparently she did not like it. entirely that his anger reminded him of that moment.

As expected, many Internet users immediately reacted to the comment made by the Mexican driver, which was out of place for many, since it was seen as an offense to the former beauty queen who tried too hard to represent Mexico in that anus.

“What a comment in such bad taste… you can see the viper and the evil of his intention… These words are worthy of a frustrated one”, “Capi would like his wife to be an ex-miss universe”, “The truth, that comment hurt her and for all of us who are fans”, were some of the hundreds of comments that were launched against the presenter.

Although others assure that this is the way in which both Venga la Alegría drivers take each other, many did not like it, because they consider that at least Kristal Silva deserved a little respect, because those who saw how it was prepared know how difficult it is reach a world-class pageant like Miss Universe.

It should be mentioned that after having gone as far as the famous could, she decided to focus on driving, which she has done very well, because although she started as a beginner in the Azteca morning show, little by little she has made it clear why she deserves to be there .

In addition, the public is fascinated by how she gets along with Cynthia Rodríguez, because when both are together in the forum or in the same section, everything is fun for them, making a great dumbbell.

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