Capi Pérez ruins marriage proposal with spectacular fall live

Cap Perez ruined a marriage proposal during the transmission of the Tv Azteca year-end live program and it was that he suffered a spectacular dropAlthough he confirmed that he was fine, he was not spared from the memes.

As part of a live broadcast for Tv Azteca, Capi Peréz and Gaby Ramírez were hosts of the special end-of-year program “Feliz 2022”.

The couple of conductors is undoubtedly one of the favorites of the television station, which is why they were chosen to broadcast from Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, where in full live broadcast, a marriage proposal was carried out.

However, the romantic moment was clouded when Capi Pérez suffered a spectacular fall, just when the groom asked for the bride’s hand.

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The Capi Pérez fallen

The driver suffered a fall during a marriage proposal El Capi Pérez was victims of memes, after his fall

During the broadcast, it was seen when the host Gaby Ramiréz holds the microphone for the bride, who watches the effort of her boyfriend, who was kneeling making the marriage proposal and ready to deliver the ring.

It was just the moment when the bride gave the “yes I accept”, when Cap passed behind the groom and when suddenly he was going to collide with him, he suffered a fall from the stage that was on a platform after hearing the answer that the bride gave .

It is seen how the driver falls into the void, his instinct was to put his hands first while he never stops smiling without his glasses and his white hat falling out of place.

Capi Pérez memes

Cap Pérez was victims of memes, after his fall

Fortunately, the accident of the driver Capi Peréz did not happen to adults and although he did not seem to care, since he published on his official Twitter account “I’m fine Raza hahaha”, he was not saved from being the target of memes on social networks.

It was barely 20 minutes after midnight when ‘Capi’ had already experienced the little problem.

We present some of them:

For his part, the boyfriend who was on edge with nerves to receive the answer noticed Cap’s accident whom he turned to see with surprise and even with a touch of concern about the misfortune of the talented content creator.

The Capi perez is one of the most beloved and successful drivers in Aztec tv and is characterized by his sense of humor and making fun of his companions, who did not miss the opportunity to tease him back.

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