13 lives were lost, including 4 kids, in a tragic head-on collision on the Oaxaca-Cuacnopalan highway in Mexico

Alex, Ubaldo, Vale and Daniel were training at the Escuela Formativa De Baloncesto in Valle de Chalco, traveling with their mother and grandmother.

Last Sunday, April 2, a brutal accident occurred on the Oaxaca-Cuacnopalan highway on the San Pablo Huitzo-Asunción Nochixtlán stretch, approximately five kilometers after the Huitzo toll booth. A pick-up truck crashed head-on into an Urvan on its way to Nochixtlán, resulting in the death of 13 people, including four minors from the Escuela Formativa De Baloncesto Valle de Chalco.

After the fatal car accident, elements of Civil Protection had to perform maneuvers to rescue the fatal victims who were pressed between the iron bars of both units.

Also, 10 people were reported injured, and the family members traveling in the truck that caused the accident, who were bound for the city of Oaxaca, came from the State of Mexico, also died.

13 people died in the fatal accident. | PHOTO: Twitter @lineamx
13 people died in the fatal accident. | PHOTO: Twitter @lineamx

Who were the victims of the accident?

The Ademeba Estado de México Pro Basketball OPBEM confirmed the death of four children belonging to the Paneteras del Valle de Chalco Basketball Academy during the fatal accident last Sunday.

According to what was reported, the young victims are the brothers Alex, Ubaldo, Vale, and Daniel, 12, 9, 10, and 7 years old, respectively, who were on their way to a tournament in Oaxaca.

Unfortunately, not only the Morales Quiroz brothers died in the accident, but also their mother, identified as Daniela, and Jovita, their maternal grandmother, who was accompanying them on their trip. The underage athletes were to participate in a tournament to be held in the capital of Oaxaca, and later, they would stay in Zimatlán de Álvarez, Oaxaca.

The four minors were brothers. | PHOTO: FB Ademeba Estado de México Pro Basketball OPBEM A.C.
The four minors were brothers. | PHOTO: FB Ademeba Estado de México Pro Basketball OPBEM A.C.

The families of the victims decided to bury them in Oaxaca, so the sports community of the“Panteras” team decided to say goodbye to them from a distance last Monday, with an emotional ceremony in the place where the young players trained among white balloons, candles, and a mass, the teammates of the young basketball players gave them their last goodbye.

Meanwhile, the social networks of the basketball school read: “Escuela Formativa bids farewell to the students: Valeria, Ubaldo, Daniel, and Alexander, who are already on a different path, and from heaven, they will play with us and in the hearts of each one of those who were with them. We do not say goodbye but see you soon”.

After this event, the basketball community in the State of Mexico sent their condolences to the loved ones of the dead victims. It dedicated some messages on social networks in memory of the Morales Quiroz family.

Likewise, the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Oaxaca announced that it initiated an investigation for the crimes of injury and culpable homicide by vehicle traffic through Twitter, adding: “This institution reports that the bodies of the 13 people who died from this event are transferred to the Institute of Forensic Services located in San Bartolo Coyotepec, for the proceedings”.