Car thieves use Apple technology to carry out their crimes

Although no one would expect a ‘Apple AirTag‘was dangerous, many in Canada They are beginning to think about it this way, since now it is known that car thieves could take advantage of this technology to commit their misdeeds, know the details!

On AmericanPost.News We remind you that the apple brand tool is very practical for tracking, since it can be placed at great distances and monitored from the iPhone.

Previously we told you that he alerted the presence of thieves in Mérida; However, now we will tell you what is happening in the country of the maple leaf.

Do thieves use ‘Apple AirTag’ to steal cars?

Cars with tracking device. Photo: ‘Apple AirTag’. Photo:

It was the Canadian police who revealed that there is a new way that car robbers have found to carry out their crimes, as they commented that these devices have been found dumped in places where cars have disappeared, after being stolen at night.

How is the ‘modus operandi’ of these thieves in Canada?

‘Apple AirTag’. Photo:

According to what has been reported, criminals choose their victims in the parking lots of shopping malls, wait for the owners to leave and approach to tape these devices, then they leave and monitor them, so that at night they arrive at addresses with a key encoder, then get the signal from inside the house and steal the car without raising suspicions.

It should be mentioned that the Samsung SmartTags could also be used for this same purpose, so, you know, better avoid mishaps and always check your car carefully.

This reminds us of when car thieves were arrested in Mexico City.

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