Cardi B’s sister wears the same onesie with holes as Chiquis Rivera but without underwear!

Hennessy Carolina, sister of Cardi B.

Hennessy Carolina, sister of Cardi B.

Photo: Philip Faraone. /Getty Images

the famous girls curvy of the entertainment industry are explosive. What Cardi B’s sisterthe designer and influencer Caroline Hennessywho showed off her great body and curves with a jumpsuit just like the one Chiquis Rivera used days ago in one of his presentations at the Queen Bee Tour. Despite both having looked very sexy, one of them took sensuality further.

It was precisely Cardi B’s little sister, Caroline Hennessywho he dared to take off his underwear. This could practically be perceived, since the black jumpsuit was almost transparent. Chiquis Rivera she looked very sensual too when she wore the piece with holes. However, the daughter of Jenni Rivera she did prefer to wear a very sexy thong underwear.

Just over the weekend Chiquis Rivera he was celebrating his birthday. There she showed off her great body just with a black dental floss thong with the perreó to the bottom. Her boyfriend, Emilio Sánchez did not stop praising her on social networks, telling her that she was her love of her life and even proudly showing her rear. It shows that this couple is happier and more in love than ever.

Chiquis Rivera It was also celebrated in the company of close friends and family. Like his sister Jennifer Lopez, who has also left more than one with his tongue out by showing off the great body he has after a surgery that was done weeks ago. Like Chiquis, he is undergoing anti-cellulite and reducing massages that apparently give very good results.

For its part, Caroline Hennessy He continues to show off his great body with small clothes. The sister of Cardi-B It has been doing parties for a long time with which it tours the most important cities in the United States. In each of them they anxiously await the presence of the influencer. Same as she does not stop giving “eye tacos” to her fans whenever she can.

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