Carín León gets romantic and dusts off success for sore cigars

At 32 years old Carin Leon has managed to touch the peak of success thanks to his talent for interpreting regional Mexican music. His peculiar style has led him to have important awards that have highlighted his career.

The Sonoran singer-songwriter He decided to take a devastating success out of the trunk of memories that put him back in the eye of the hurricane. Carín León recorded the song ‘how beautiful it would be‘ for more than three years.

This success has positioned itself as one of the favorites and most listened to by the public, who falls in love with the talent of this young promise of Mexican music, which she exhibits with pride.

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Let us remember that this song had already been recorded by Pancho Barraza a few decades ago and with his romantic style and with a band he managed to put it on the first places of popularitysince he is one of the most successful singers that the land of Sinaloa has given.

The Sonoran version is the one that is among the most listened to today, since it already has millions of views on YouTube and an extensive list of comments in which they support his talent, for which he has earned a privileged place within of the group genre.

There is no doubt that Carin León has been one of the riskiest when it comes to launching covers, which have marked the history of her career. From the beginning he did the same to draw the attention of the public and win the crown as the youngest exponent and daring of recent times.

It is worth mentioning that his tone of voice is what has attracted attention and that it has also caused an impact, thanks to that he has gotten quite a few detractors who attack him for his style of singing, while others applaud his talent for putting feeling into each one of them. their interpretations.

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Surely the song ‘How beautiful it would be’ will continue to accumulate more reproductions in the voice of the owner of the hit ‘Me la aventé’, who has been an example to follow within the popular genre, since found the perfect way to stand out and now he is on the horns of the moon thanks to his successful compositions and performances.

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