Carin León’s career-high at Auditorio Nacional in Mexico as he confirms separation and hints new relationship

Carin León takes center stage at Auditorio Nacional in Mexico, and talks about personal struggles, his journey, new tour, and latest music.

Carin León is about to accomplish one of his biggest goals in his professional career, since on May 14, he will be performing at the Auditorio Nacional as part of his “Cura local” tour, where in addition to the songs from the album he will also include other songs that are important in his repertoire.

For this reason, Oscar Armando Diaz de Léon Huez was talking with various media. He also gave the details of his new tour, “Colmillo de leche,” which he created for more than 27 cities in the United States. Although Carin León was talking about work issues, it was impossible for the press not to question his separation since much speculation existed. He had not confirmed it.

“I’ve been separated for a long time,” was what the native of Hermosillo, Sonora confessed.

And then he assured the program “El Gordo y la Flaca” that, for the moment, he is focused on his career. It is worth remembering that Carin León got married in December 2021, and at the beginning of 2023, speculation began that Alejandra Esquer and he were no longer together. Also, she removed the legend on social networks that said “wife of Carin León.”

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People began to notice no interaction between them through social networks. It was also rumored that Carin León was starting a relationship with a girl from Sinaloa who lived in Madrid and even went to that country. However, it is unknown if she had any visits to Patricia Esparragoza, the name of the alleged new partner of the regional Mexican star.

The interpreter of songs such as “El tóxico,” “Me la aventé,” “Te vi con él,” and “Tú” also recently added a new song to his repertoire. The project corresponds to the lyrics “La primera cita,” where he addresses the meeting of a couple who, for a few days, live the best experiences but then lose track of each other.

The song “First Date” tells a love story, full of passion, a torrent of emotions and memories from beginning to end, starting from the “First Date”, showing each and every one of the stages that are lived in this process. The song is already available on all digital platforms, including YouTube with an official video that narrates the lyrics of this single,” reaffirmed in a statement from the offices of the sonorense.