Carin León’s dedication to Wendy and Nicola adds a touch of romance to La Casa de los Famosos

Carin León visits La Casa de los Famosos Mexico, serenades contestants, and sparks discussions on team loyalties.

The excitement was palpable inside La Casa de los Famosos Mexico. As the reality show gears up for its final stretch, the participants were treated to an unprecedented surprise. For nine weeks, they’ve been secluded from the outside world, but on Friday night, they were joined by an esteemed guest. Carin León, the distinguished singer, graced them with a mini-concert, adding a touch of romance to the evening.

On this particular Friday night, with only six participants remaining, the ambiance inside Mexico’s most famous house was intimate. The residents gathered, eager to enjoy the exclusive musical performance by Carin León. Their surprise was palpable as he entered, offering Wendy Guevara, Nicola Porcella, Poncho de Nigris, Sergio Mayer, Emilio Osorio, and Barby Juárez a brief taste of life beyond their confines.

Apio Quijano is the only member of Team Infierno who has left the house (Photo: Especial).
Apio Quijano is the only member of Team Infierno who has left the house (Photo: Especial).

Yet, the evening’s highlight was the dedication of “Primera Cita” to Wendy and Nicola, a poignant moment that left many touched. As videos of the romantic serenade made their rounds on social media, fans were reminded of “Wencola” – the moniker affectionately assigned to the rumored romance between Wendy and Nicola. While some believe their relationship is a mere strategic move for the show, others are convinced there’s genuine affection.

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Carin León, having shared pleasantries with some of Mexico’s top celebrities, took to a makeshift stage, guitar, and microphone in tow. He began his rendition of “Primera Cita,” making it clear that the song was dedicated to Wendy and Nicola, two members of Team Infierno. The atmosphere was electric, with smiles, claps, and cheers echoing as the first notes rang out. “A pair I truly respect, Wendy and Nicola, always entertaining, an amazing duo – this one’s for you,” he proclaimed, eliciting a mix of laughter and knowing glances from the pair. The room burst into applause and shouts of joy as the song continued.

However, the evening wasn’t without its tension. Carin León’s allegiance to Team Infierno was evident, and his open declaration made Barby Juárez, the sole remaining member of Team Cielo, visibly uneasy. As Carin made the “horns” sign on camera, signaling his support for Team Infierno, a voice from the back chimed in. It was the boxer, asserting, “Oh, no. I am Team Cielo.” A stark reminder that, even in the show’s final moments, loyalties remain strong.