Carla Estrada confesses the demands of Adela Noriega to be in her soap operas

Carla Estrada, 66 years old, was in an interview recently and talked about Adela Noriega 52, with whom she began working several years ago when they both started in the artistic world, so she confessed what were the demands that the missing woman asked of her when she was in a soap opera.

And it is that many would think that being the star of soap operas in her time would demand too much, but the reality is that Adela Noriega only asked for two things when she entered a production of Carla Estrada and that was to eat with her, in addition to always there must have been tuna with avocado in his dressing room.

The truth is that Adela is not demanding, the only thing she demanded and in quotes was that we ate tuna with avocado together in her campervan and she sang, but the truth is not, she is a person who makes the least demands, she endures the sun like moths of the protagonists have to have a characteristic, endure the sun, endure the cold and walk barefoot on pebbles”, said Carla Estrada.

As if that were not enough, the Mexican producer has said that she is still a friend of the Mexican actress, who has been away from show business for years, but assures that the last time she spoke with her, they agreed to go to eat, an appointment that is not known. He has complied, although he does not rule out seeing each other again.

He also made it clear that it is not difficult for him to return to soap operas, but the only drawback has been that an agreement with Televisa has not been reached, which is why he has not been seen again on the screen. girl, where she was one of the top celebrities of the moment.

“Adela Noriega can ask for and demand what she wants and needs, since ALL THE PROJECTS she is in are synonymous with success”, “Adela deserves everything because of all the actresses there are now, one is not made and they do not even reach her to the heels”. “Adela .. Noriega .. she is the Queen of novels .. Without a doubt, the best,” write the networks.

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