Carlitos Calderón tells how he prevented a pregnant girlfriend from being admitted

  • Carlitos Calderón finally reappeared after catching COVID
  • The driver of Despierta América told what happened to him and his girlfriend who is expecting a baby
  • They wanted to operate on an emergency and Carlitos Calderón did not allow it

After weeks of speculation and being absent from Despierta América, Carlitos Calderón overcame COVID and his pregnant girlfriend Vanessa Lyon in the same way, however, things got serious, as many people suspected before the secrecy around the famous when suddenly ‘ disappeared ‘from the show.

Now, this weekend Carlitos Calderón made a live broadcast from his home to make clear his state of health and that of his girlfriend about to make him a father, after weeks ago, in Despierta América they said that he would be absent for being infected with COVID, however, no more was said, raising more suspicions that the couple was supposedly serious.

Carlitos Calderón recovered from COVID but tells what he lived

Carlitos Calderón contagion COVID
Instagram: Chamonic

With a filter that made him see with his pink face, a black cap and shirt and with gray hair in his beard and hair, Carlitos Calderón was accompanied by his girlfriend Vanessa and family while they prepared boxes and opened gifts from their baby shower held earlier. of contagion, so it is indicated that they surely postponed that due to their poor health.

“I’ve been with COVID for two weeks and I’m desperate because I have to open all those boxes and guess who is going to put them together, it’s me against the world, not even that one is unpacking (Vanessa), the one doing it is my mother … so it’s not that I’m serious guys, I’m tired and with so many things I have to do… ”, the driver of Despierta América began by explaining.

Carlitos Calderón with his girlfriend lived moments of anguish due to COVID

Girlfriend Carlitos Calderón

The Despierta América host told his followers that the messages of support raised his spirits a lot during the days that they were battling the contagion by COVID and one of his fans questioned him about how he did to take care of his partner when they were infected:

“It was horrible, horrible… there came a point where I just thanked God that I had COVID as well because otherwise I would not have been able to take care of her and I would have had to be separated and that would have killed me, in fact one day I almost got beaten with those in the emergency room… ”, assured Carlitos Calderón.

“They wanted to kidnap her there,” says Carlitos Calderón, assuring that they wanted to intern his girlfriend for COVID

Driver of Despierta América COVID

Things with Carlitos Calderón and his girlfriend Vanessa infected with COVID a few weeks after having their baby, became so intense that the driver assured that several visits to the hospital, they wanted to leave the woman hospitalized to have her under observation, but the Mexican did not agreed and prevented it:

“… They almost wanted to kidnap her there, and I told them ‘no, what to kidnap or what, I’m leaving, goodbye’, so it was difficult but I raffled it, I was the nurse for two weeks, it was thick”, Carlitos Calderón commented between nervous laughs, remembering the heavy moments they went through.

He thanks Despierta América for ‘preparing’ him to face COVID

Girlfriend Carlitos Calderón COVID

When the girlfriend went to a medical check-up, and they assured her that she would have to stay because she was infected with COVID, Carlitos Calderón acted and the knowledge that Despierta América gave him on the subject, served him, as he commented: “I was already well prepared, no I know if you remember when this started, that we made our videos of how we prepared for COVID that we cleaned ourselves 20 times a day, we came home and took off our clothes and sprayed everywhere… ”, he said.

And he continued: “… Well, thanks to that I even had oxygen in the house and every time Vane deoxygenated I gave him, which is what they do to you in hospitals and I had to monitor him almost 40 times from where he was sick to check it and if He lowered oxygen, and if he got a fever, he lowered it … “, said the driver.

Carlitos Calderón’s girlfriend had a bad time and the driver was his nurse

Driver Wake Up America

With everything and that he did not feel in optimal conditions either, Carlitos Calderón was responsible for taking care of the health of his girlfriend about to have a baby: “Since she is pregnant, she cannot take medicine so I had to spray her, it was quite a circus and I must accept that Dr Juan and all his colleagues who hear them every day, gave me a good base ”.

However, she also accepted that although she was not afraid, it was difficult moments: “There was never fear, there was a bit of frustration that I could not make her stop feeling bad but really, with granny’s remedies I got it out, so thanks for your cheers ”.

People sent their best wishes for the recovery of the driver of Despierta América

Girlfriend Carlitos Calderón COVID

The messages about the video and the words of Carlitos Calderón on the Instagram account of ‘Chamonic’, did not wait: “He does see himself recovering not like Larry”, “But making his baby shower in style and having a party and going to celebrate the poor wife that scared her and didn’t take care of herself too ”.

“They weren’t vaccinated yet?” Her experience with the covid was also horrible, because her partner went twice to the hospital for emergencies and in one of those they wanted to literally kidnap (leave her hospitalized) but he did not allow it and they are already much better Thank God ”. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF WHAT CARLITOS CALDERÓN SAID ABOUT COVID

Carlitos Calderón broke the silence about his contagion of coronavirus

Carlitos Calderón contagion coronavirus

Two days after the lack of Carlitos Calderón became evident in Despierta América, people were alarmed because shortly after having their baby, the driver and his girlfriend tested positive for coronavirus and although they are vaccinated, people were scared of the sudden announcement that they made in the morning without informing their health status.

As irresponsibility, several people crossed out the fact that in the midst of the new wave of the delta variant of COVID-19, several personalities are still relaxed in terms of protection measures, including Carlitos Calderón, whose girlfriend Vanessa made a baby shower, a possible place where both got infected.

Carlitos Calderón sent a message breaking the silence about his contagion with coronavirus

Baby Carlitos Calderón

Although it was not specified what was happening well with the driver of Despierta América, only that he would not appear in the picture for being infected with coronavirus, so he kept a strict quarantine period, the media also indicated that his fiancee Vanessa, who is days away from having her baby, she was also infected.

For how the morning shows are mounted advertising every aspect of the lives of their drivers, as happened with Francisca Lachapel, it raised suspicions that Carlitos Calderón did not appear at a distance, as transmitted by several colleagues, which suggested that he was not in good health .

The driver’s message after being absent from Despierta América, is your baby at risk?

Message from the driver of Despierta América due to coronavirus contagion

Although Raúl González was in charge of giving the news about Carlitos Calderón and his contagion of coronavirus, the information on the state of health of the Despierta América driver was very brief, so it did not take more than a few hours for him to be affected by COVID, will try to calm everyone with a message.

When the news was released that Carlitos Calderón would have a baby, he and his girlfriend Vanessa affirmed that they were 8 months pregnant, so that at the latest at the end of the month or at the beginning of September, they would welcome their son, as Francisca Lachapel did weeks ago.

People do not forgive the irresponsibility of the Mexican and his girlfriend for their baby

Carlitos Calderón infected with coronavirus days after having his baby

“Thank you for so much love and good wishes for me, Vanessa Lyon and our baby boy are fine and calm. We will go ahead first God and his prayers. Take care of yourselves very much! ”Was the message that Carlitos Calderón gave in a photograph on his Instagram where he appears with a thumb up and a blue bracelet alluding to his baby.

The messages of support in the photograph did not wait for the driver: “God with you”, “Everything will be fine my dear Carlitos. God first, so it will be. I love you ”,“ Kisses to all three !!!! ”,“ Hug Carlitos and Vanessa !! God with you ”,“ Many blessings ”,“ Everything will be fine! ”, Expressed certain people.

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