From the hospital, Carlos Adyan assures fans of his recovery as he plans his wedding with Carlos Quintanilla

Carlos Adyan in the hospital amidst wedding plans to Carlos Quintanilla, reveals venue search and honeymoon ideas in 'La Vibra' interview.

Carlos Adyan, the prominent Telemundo host, recently offered an update on his health via Instagram. Pictured from his hospital bed, Adyan, the face of ‘En Casa con Telemundo,’ relayed the circumstances leading to his unexpected hospital stay.

“I was dehydrated. They put me on a serum, and I am waiting for tests and cultures. I feel fine already, but I want to make sure everything is excellent before my trip tomorrow,” Adyan shared on his Instagram stories, indicating that he had been dealing with severe vomiting. Offering further insight, he added, “It’s the first time I’ve been treated in a hospital, but the treatment has been nice.”

The timestamp on Adyan’s post read 11:25 p.m., suggesting he might have had to stay overnight at the medical facility. Now, details about his current condition remain sparse, and it is unclear whether his forthcoming trip will proceed as planned.

Presented Carlos Adyan in the hospital

How about his wedding?

Amidst this health scare, Adyan is planning his upcoming wedding to producer Carlos Quintanilla. Not long ago, Adyan shed light on their wedding arrangements and potential honeymoon destinations in an interview with ‘La Vibra.’

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“The wedding will not be until next June, but we have decided to move everything forward so that we don’t get ‘sucked by the witch,’ as we say in Puerto Rico. Hopefully, everything is quite structured, and I also understand that we have many friends with very advanced plans. We hope that people can go, that they can enjoy themselves. We have given ourselves the task of looking for the perfect place for the wedding,” he explained.

Detailing their search for the ideal venue, Adyan noted, “We went to Puerto Rico, to Antigua Guatemala, because it is a central point for Carlos’ family and mine. This weekend, we are going to Mexico to get to know destinations and see where we will do it. This week, we must decide where to have our wedding.”

In addition, Adyan mentioned that the ceremony will feature two groomsmen and two bridesmaids. The couple is also contemplating honeymooning in Japan, Cambodia, and Vietnam.