Carlos Bello, the tiktoker Soy Mirrey, makes his way into the world of fashion with these sneakers

Carlos Bello, better known on social networks as Soy Mirrey, assures that, what people see on their phone screens, is just the character.

The concept of his character, used in a burlesque way of the stereotype of what the mirrey is in Mexico , is only for one reason: to do business.

“I am the complete opposite. I started with this to publicize my companies, but I realized the power of influence ,” she said at a press conference.

And it is that the young Mexican is a businessman with a vision that he himself qualifies as a nationalist. Reason that is demonstrated with the presentation of its new tennis pairs in collaboration with Panam .

The Mexican brand, which celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2022, and the influencer brought “Raíces” to the market, an exclusive footwear marked by different features of the culture of our country.

Each part of the snicker has a symbolism such as the front part that resembles a Huichol fabric, the yellow and turquoise color that represents corn and natural resources respectively, as well as the side part that resembles the skin of the xoloescuincles.

In addition, these sneakers have two more surprises. The first is the sole that changes color pink in sunlight, while the second is the virtual reality Quetzalcoatl that shines through an Instagram filter , which can be found on the influencer and brand accounts.

It’s a tribute to Mexico,” said the Tiktoker at the presentation of the sneakers. He explained that one of the reasons was because, without giving names, there are foreign brands that “began to make cultural appropriation.” 

“With our culture and traditions, no one messes with it,” Bello emphasized, reiterating his love for the country, as well as his interest that youth continue to have projects to invest in.

The shoes are limited edition and cost one thousand Mexican pesos. Unfortunately it is out of stock in the online store, although it is still possible to find them in some physical stores.