Carlos Cacho reached base five

Carlos Cacho celebrated his 50th anniversary in a hotel in the south and asked the population to continue taking care of the coronavirus.

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“I had a nice, quiet time, it was three days. I return to Lima and we are with the third wave, people are very irresponsible, I am fed up that they do not understand.


For the first time, Carlos Cacho spoke about his love life and told details of his courtship with Erinson, with whom he has been in a relationship for more than seven years. The makeup artist offered an interview to the program ‘Vida y Milagros’ by the journalist Milagros Leiva on his YouTube channel and opened his heart.

When asked about the love affair he has with his current partner, Carlos Cacho did not hesitate to tell anecdotes of their coexistence and how the love between them was born.

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“ANDLove doesn’t appear overnight. There is a taste, but nobody falls in love with someone they don’t like, first you like the person and then how you like you want to know them and when you meet them you realize that they have things in common and you discover that that person can be for you “, He said.

In another moment, the stylist and great friend of Gisela Valcárcel, revealed that it is corny because he likes to surprise his partner with romantic phrases.

Carlos Cacho tells details of his boyfriend: “He tells me you are a blessing, I feel the rose of Guadalupe”

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Carlos Cacho tells details about his boyfriend: “He tells me you are a blessing, I feel like the rose of Guadalupe.” Video: Milagros Leiva YouTube

I am very in love, I am of phrases, I tell you things when it deserves it, but so does he. For example he tells me ‘you are a blessing’, so I feel like the Rose of Guadalupe … Those things make it come alive, people say it’s cheesy, but it’s not, it’s pretty. He looks very sexy when he cooks, on the other hand I don’t cook anything “, he specified.


Carlos Cacho revealed that his partner Erinson is 33 years old and has a daughter and argued that he is not yet ready to adopt a child. “I’m not prepared, it scares me,” he said.

“It took me seven years for this moment to arrive, with highs and lows, with lawsuits, with tears, with oaths of ‘never again’, that ‘with you or to the corner’, and after months we returned”he said with a laugh.


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