Carlos Calderón from ‘Despierta América’ is already a father and presents his baby

Carlos Calderón from ‘Despierta América’ is already a father and presents his baby
Carlos Calderón presents his baby.

Carlos Calderon from ‘Wake up America’ is already a dad… This Sunday, his partner Vanessa Lyon gave birth to the boy that with so much love, and some substitute, they waited.

This morning Maity Interiano and Raúl González confirmed the happy news on Univision’s morning show, where they said that was born on Sunday, September 5 at 12:45 PM, weighed 7 pounds 2 ounces and both the happy mother and the baby they are super healthy.

“As you heard in @despiertamerica our baby was born super healthy and very well behaved. He has not cried, he smiles a lot and is very activeor. @_vanessalyon She has been a warrior mom who I admire and thank for her incredible pregnancy. We are very touched with all your messages of love. Thank you for being part of our family“Wrote Carlos Calderón, on Monday afternoon, on his Instagram account, and accompanied him with a photo where he has his Calderoncín in his arms.

What will the baby be called? There are many bets, from the classic ‘Carlos’ like his dad, even what they risk saying that Simba or Leo or León

Why? Because Calderón, with his best sense of humor, published on Sunday, when his son was born, the video where Simba is introduced to the animal kingdom in the Disney movie, ‘The Lion King‘. And we have also seen, when preparing the decoration of the room, many lions stuffed animals.

The truth is that this baby surrounds him the mystery… First it took 8 months! in telling that they would be dad. At that moment Carlitos said that I didn’t want to overshadow Gennaro’s birth, the baby of Francisca Lachapel and Francesco Zampogna.

But that was not the only adventure they lived during this pregnancy,mbos got COVID-19 after the baby show celebrationr. In the case of Calderón, he was vaccinated, in the case of the model and actress, not, and he had to run a couple of times to the emergency room.

Today all that is left behind and totally surpassed by the happiness that surrounds you the miracle of having your baby in your arms. Congratulations to all three!


Carlos Calderón and his fiancee Vanessa Lyon, who is pregnant, test positive for COVID-19

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