Carlos G. Roman Vazquez, AKA Waka, arrested in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, for weapons violations and assaulting police officer

Bayamon Motorized Unit officers arrest Carlos G. Roman Vazquez, an alleged drug kingpin, seizing firearms and ammunition in Guaynabo.

Last night, officers from the Bayamon Motorized Unit apprehended Carlos G. Roman Vazquez, also known as “Waka,” a 34-year-old man charged with violating the Weapons Act and assaulting a law enforcement officer.

The arrest occurred near the Zenón Díaz Valcárcel Residence in Guaynabo, spurred by reports from concerned citizens of armed individuals in the area.

When officers confronted Román Vázquez, he reportedly resisted arrest and assaulted one of the agents, resulting in a fractured finger for the officer. Román Vázquez, identified as a prominent figure in the illegal drug trade and linked to several crimes in the area, implored a group of bystanders for assistance to impede the arrest, which occurred around 10:50 p.m. last Wednesday.

According to police reports, during the operation, officers seized a Mini Draco rifle with a 7.62 x 39-millimeter caliber and 29 rounds of ammunition and a .40 caliber “Glock” pistol with four extended magazines and 74 rounds of ammunition.

The case is now being referred to federal authorities for further investigation and potential prosecution. Authorities are looking into Román Vázquez’s broader criminal activities and those of other individuals involved in the illegal trade.

The police continue encouraging citizens to report suspicious activities in their neighborhoods, emphasizing that community cooperation is vital to keeping their communities safe.