Carlos Ponce and Karina Banda are premiering and so they show off what their new house looks like

Karina Banda and Carlos Ponce are very excited about the new life they are building in Mexico

Photo: Presley Ann/Getty Images

The couple formed by the Puerto Rican Charles Ponce and the Mexican Karina Band is beginning a new stage in their lives, which includes a change of house, as they themselves made known through their social networks.

In a video, shared by the Monterrey-born on her Instagram account, the Caribbean singer and actor can be seen in the balcony area in the company of a renowned architect, who is helping them in the decoration of his beautiful home in the state of Nuevo León.

“He has lost nothing, he has already become a compadre of the architect Mario. I say that’s a plot. Now it will be 2 vs 1 ”, was the text with which Karina accompanied her video.

Thanks to this material, we were able to notice that the garden area is the one that makes the least progress, but the interpreter of ‘Escúchame’ is already more than clear about what he is going to do with it, wanting to set up his barbecue there to prepare some exquisite roasted carnitas in the pure Monterrey style.

“The reason why he is here is because I want to know where I am going to place the barbecue, the grill, because is the roasted carnitas going to be made or not?” said Ponce, who with that last sentence and with the tone in which he said it, he showed that he is already one more Monterrey native.

The architect suggested installing the barbecue area on the terrace area on the ground floor, from where there are enviable views of the valley that surrounds his beautiful property that stands out for its facade in shades of white and gray.

In previous days, the couple showed details of the grand opening that they organized in the company of some friends, relatives and even a priest, who blessed the home where they will live great moments.

Thanks to these materials we were able to appreciate its dining room and one of its rooms in more detail.

The dining room is made up of a rectangular table with at least 10 gray chairs, while the living room is made up of sofas in gray and light tones.

Until before this new acquisition, the couple, who secretly married in 2020, lived full time in the house that Carlos Ponce has owned for some years in Miami, Floridaand that we showed you right here almost two years ago.

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