Carlos Rivera and Cynthia Rodriguez welcome their first child, Leon, amidst a world tour

Carlos Rivera halts his world tour to witness son Leon's birth, a joyous event celebrated by him and wife Cynthia Rodriguez.
  1. Singer Carlos Rivera takes a break from his tour to welcome his son Leon with his wife, Cynthia Rodriguez.
  2. Leon’s birth marks a significant milestone in Rivera and Rodriguez’s journey, which began with in vitro treatment.
  3. The name Leon pays homage to Rivera’s career-defining role in ‘The Lion King,’ though born a Leo by chance.

Carlos Rivera and Cynthia Rodriguez have announced the birth of their son, Leon. The joyous news was shared with the world via heartfelt posts on their respective Instagram accounts. Carlos Rivera, the proud father, humorously hinted that he almost missed the event due to his ongoing world tour. “He just waited for daddy and decided to be born,” he wrote, expressing his relief at being able to be there for the momentous occasion.

Rivera is currently in the midst of his Un Tour a Todas Partes 2023, with recent concerts taking him across cities in Spain, Mexico, and the United States. Despite his busy schedule, the singer managed to be present for the birth of his first child. “He is a beautiful baby, very healthy, very big, and very strong,” the new father gushed about his son in his Instagram post.

The couple celebrated their first anniversary on June 5, 2023. Their intimate wedding took place in Europe, a year after which they received the joyous news of their impending parenthood. The announcement of their pregnancy was made in January, during the program ‘Ventaneando.’ They shared the news of their journey to parenthood and revealed that they had resorted to in vitro treatment to conceive.

In the Instagram post announcing the birth, Carlos Rivera stated, “Mom is perfect and beautiful. We thank God for blessing us and for the health of both of us. And thanks to you for all the love. Happiness today has a new meaning in our life.” He also shared a snippet of his song, ‘Te Esperaba,’ dedicating it to the newest member of their family.

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The choice of the baby’s name, Leon, has sparked curiosity among fans. The name bears significant relevance to Rivera’s career, as the singer found fame after dubbing the Lion King movie. Coincidentally, the baby boy was also born in August, making him a Leo by zodiac sign. However, both these connections seem to be pure coincidences.

Carlos Rivera and Cynthia Rodriguez met a few years ago when they both participated in the reality show La Academia. Although they appeared in different seasons, they found common ground on several projects related to the show. The spark of love ignited when Rivera was invited to Rodriguez’s YouTube channel in 2014. Since then, the couple has been inseparable, choosing to keep the details of their relationship private until their marriage last year.

In honor of their newborn, the couple decided to name the baby Leon a tribute to ‘The Lion King,’ which played a pivotal role in consolidating Rivera’s international career. “The light of God has touched our life and, on the way, sends us the greatest blessing from heaven. Full of illusion and joy, we are waiting for our beloved Leon,” a message from an earlier Instagram post read. With the birth of Leon Rivera Rodriguez, the couple’s happiness has indeed found a new meaning.